Welcome to Second Grade at Ashley Falls!bus


Language Arts:  Writing letter to self from ancestor's point of view, opinion writing, novel study
Math: This trimester, we will be focusing on the following: 
 Understanding Place Value to 500
• A three digit number is made of hundreds, tens and ones
• Count by 2s, 5s, 10s and 100s
• Read and write using numerals, number names and expanded form
• Compare two three-digit numbers
 Addition and Subtraction
• Within 100 using one-step involving all problem types except for CQU and CRU
• Within 100 using two-step word problems involving JRU, SRU, and PPW/WU
• Students write an equation that follows the story
• Fluently up to 20 using mental strategies with consistency
• Determine what an odd/even number is up to 20
• Use repeated addition and arrays to calculate sums/products
• Add up to three two-digit numbers
• Within 500, solve easier problem types
• Mentally add/subtract 10 or 100 to/from numbers 0-500
Measurement and Data
• Estimate and measure the length of an object using inches, feet, centimeters and meters
• Measure an object twice using two units of measure
• Within 100, measure and compare lengths within the same unit using addition and subtraction to solve word problems
• Uses line plot graph to display measurement data
• Tell time from an analog and digital clock using a.m. and p.m. to the five minute
• Knows relationships of time
• Recognize the value of coins and solve word problems involving them
• Partition rectangles into rows and squares to find total number of them
• Partition circles and squares into two and four equal shares and describe whole as fractional parts 
Science: Please check out Mr. Miller's website - https://www.dmusd.org/domain/652 
Social Studies Ancestors 
PE: 4 Square Scramble/4 Square Toss/See You Later Alligator
Technology: Please view Mr. Cunha's website at https://www.dmusd.org/domain/651