• April 22-26, 2019


    Dear Parents!!

    RH Fleet Science Center Engineering Workshop: Thursday, April 25th:

    -Workshop #1 in Johnson/Davis & Sheffield/Davis’s Classrooms:


    -Workshop #2 in Lee/Davis’s Classroom: 12:45-2:15


    If you are able, please donate $8 to help us cover the cost of this engineering event! Thanks so much!



    Ashley Falls’ School-wide Jog-a-thon: Friday, April 26th

    5th & 6th – 11:00-11:45 am

    K & 1st – 12:30-1:15 pm

    2nd, 3rd &  4th – 1:20-2:05pm

    2:05-2:30  - School Wide Celebration



    Third Grade Musical Performance: All third graders have been working with Mrs. Peck, our music teacher, on songs about different fables. You are welcome to watch their performance Aesop’s Adventures for all third-grade families and parents on Tuesday, April 30th in the MUR from 8:00-9:00. Students will perform their dress rehearsal for the school the week prior, so all costumes should be here at school by MONDAY, April 22nd!





    What are we learning this month:

    • English Language Arts: We will complete our last two-source assessment. Students are reading about Silkworms and will write an informative essay citing both sources. In Wonders, students are learning about how one person can change the way you think and look at cause and effect. Then, we will study Earth and its neighbors while looking at main idea and details. Students will work with more words that have /r/ sounds: like sport, shore, chore, hoard, dear, career, pair, stared. After spring break, we will work on SBAC practice tests to prepare for May state-wide testing.
    • Poetry/Art: Students are creating a spring poem.
    • Science: Students have finished weather and will begin their next unit on Forces and Magnets.
    • Social Studies: Students continue to study people in our community that make a difference.
    • Math: We have started the metric system and will begin reviewing for SBAC assessments in early May.



    Third Grade Team:


    Sandy Johnson

    Adrienne Sheffield

    Erin Lee

    Melissa Davis (2/3 combo)