• February 25- March 1, 2019


    Dear Parents!!


    Thank you for a wonderful Valentine’s Day! We appreciate all the parents who planned, attended, and helped with our parties.


    Remember- NO SCHOOL DURING THE FEBRUARY BREAK: February 18-22


    The week of February 25th-March 1st is a writing menu week and NO CURRENT events! Students will present in class this week the articles they found before break.


    CURRENT EVENTS!! Students started current events the week before break for homework. They have learned in class how to research, write and give an oral presentation to the class the week following. We have sent home via email and with students a list with the form they need to fill out and a list of suggested web sites. They are also in their Google Drive Reading folder. Please research with your child and make sure it’s a third-grade appropriate article based on the weekly theme, for March 4-11, which students can select from World News or Science.


    RESCHEDULED FIELD TRIP: Johnson’s class will go on Thursday, March 7th and Ms. Lee’s class will go on Friday, March 8th. A new permission slip was sent this week- you must sign it so your child can attend. We will go to the Heritage Museum to learn more about the Kumeyaay Indians. Students must bring a snack and water bottle as there is NO drinking water on site. We will eat lunch at school. Trip will be 8:30-11:30.


    Parent/Teacher Conferences: March 11-15. Your child’s teacher will contact you soon about scheduling.


    For science soon, students will design a weather-proof houses (wind resistant and water proof) so start saving up some supplies like cardboard boxes, aluminum foil and plastic wrap.




    • Ashley Falls’ Third Grade Wax Museum will be on Wednesday, April 3rd from 8:15-8:45 in, around and behind the MUR (depending on teacher placement). Students will soon study and write about a famous person who has made a positive impact in our world. Students are asked to dress up- so look around for some clothing and prop ideas once your child selects their person. We will start this project shortly after the February break.
    • Ashley Falls’ OPEN HOUSE: Thursday, April 4th 6:00-7:00pm. More details to come.



    What are we learning this month:

    • English Language Arts: Students will focus on two essential questions: “How do people figure things out?” and “How can one person change the way you think?” We will focus on understanding point of view and cause and effect. Students will examine the spelling patterns of words with silent letters digraphs such as th, tch, sh, and wh and also r-controlled vowels such as our, ore, ar, and or. Students will work on opinion essays using two different sources, and learn how to research, prepare and deliver oral presentation on current events.
    • Poetry/Art: Students are learning about Valentine digital art and poems. We will send them home as a gift to you as they are turning out so beautifully!
    • Science: Students will look climate regions in the world and graph the precipitation and temperature of San Diego. Next they will make weather-proof houses- so start saving up some supplies like cardboard boxes, aluminum foil and plastic wrap.
    • Social Studies: Students are studying the Kumeyaay natives to San Diego. Students will use their learning to further their understanding at our next field trip to the Heritage Museum.
    • Math: We are focusing on fractions and sets of a number like ¼ of 24.



    Third Grade Team:


    Sandy Johnson

    Adrienne Sheffield

    Erin Lee

    Melissa Davis (2/3 combo)