• Hello Parents,


    Thank you for attending your parent/teacher conference. We appreciate your time and energy to support your child's progress this year. 



    We will also begin a new writing menu for trimester two. You may click here for the document.


    Word Masters Challenge is an analogy-solving competition. It is optional for students to take. The first word list will go home with kids this week. Here is a link to the WMC site. The first WMC meet was on November 16 in our classrooms. The second word list and meet will be made known to us soon.


    Thanksgiving Break is November 20-24 NO SCHOOL


    Third Grade Musical Performance "An Aesop Adventure"!! Tuesday, November 28 at 8:00-9:30 in the MUR. Please try to come!


    Got Science Supplies? For our next unit in November: "Weather & Climate" students will need to use a variety of materials. If you have around the house any of these items, please bring to Mrs. Johnson:

    • shoe boxes/cereal boxes
    • crafting supplies
    • fabric/felt fabric
    • cotton balls
    • small plastic containers
    • building blocks (Legos or other)
    • air-dry clay
    • wooden toothpicks
    • plastic tablecloths
    • styrofoam plates


    For classroom specifics, please visit that teacher's page.


    Thank you!


    Third-Grade Team:

    Erin Lee

    Sandy Johnson

    Adrienne Sheffield