• December 10-14, 2018


    Dear Parents!!


    The school-wide canned food/winter items drive continues till December 14th.


    Third grade team will be out on Thursday, December 13th but we will be working in each other’s room to watch each other teach math lessons.


    Class winter parties will be on Friday, December 21 from 10:45-11:45. Parents are invited to attend. More information will be coming out from our room parents.


    What are we learning this month:

    • English Language Arts: In our reading program Wonders, we will focus on two essential questions: “Why is working together a good way to solve a problem?” and then, it will be “Why do people immigrate to new places?” We will focus on details and main ideas along with finding the theme. In addition, students will begin learning how to read 2 sources, find evidence and write a narrative based on what they learned. Students will examine the spelling patterns of long i, u and
    • Poetry/Art: Students will create cinquain poems.
    • Science: We are finishing up our design thinking project about how to protect the San Elijo Lagoon. Then, we will finish up our habitats and heredity unit before winter break. After break, we will begin a unit on Weather.
    • Social Studies: Students are studying the Kumeyyay natives to San Diego.
    • Math: We are focusing on area and soon division with leftovers that we may or may not be able to share. This will lead us naturally into fractions.



    Third Grade Team:


    Sandy Johnson

    Adrienne Sheffield

    Erin Lee

    Melissa Davis (2/3 combo)