Below is information regarding what your student will be learning in May and June.

4th graders will be focusing on using protractors to measure angles and working on their conceptual understanding of decimals, fractions, and geometric concepts. Some concepts include equivalency, comparing, adding/subtracting, and multiplying fractions.  They continue to work on math fact fluency with multiplication and division.


Language Arts

Students will be reading Around the Great Horn Spoon and backing up inferential questions with textual evidence. Students will continue to read nonfiction texts, determining text structure, comparing multiple sources, finding main ideas, and backing up main idea with supporting details.



Narrative: 4th graders are currently working on writing a narrative that incorporates what they learned in a Time for Kids article about the importance of exercise. Students are using plot structure: conflict, rising action, climax, and reflection, in their stories.

Expository: Students will work on writing 5 paragraph essays on California Gold Rush mining techniques. 
Opinion: Students will write 5 paragraph opinion essays about their idea of the best mining technique utilized during the gold rush.


Social Studies

4th graders have been learning about the California Gold Rush including the different ways miners reached the gold fields of California and the different mining techniques used at the time.  We will be culminating our learning with Gold Rush Day on Monday, May 22nd.



4th graders will continue to research and experiment with different Next Generation Science Concepts including hands on learning.

You 4th grade teachers,
Mrs. Kyle, Mrs. Metzler, and Mrs. Oliva