Welcome to Torrey Hills First Grade!

First Grade Team

    Welcome back to school and we hope you had a great summer! We're looking to meeting all of our first grade students on Monday and looking forward to a fun year of friends and learning. A few items to make a smooth transition for your first grade student on Monday.

    • That mountain of supplies you purchased (thank you!) can be sorted outside of your assigned classroom (Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Grosso, or Mr. Honsberger) on Monday morning. We'll have tubs out front for you to place markers, erasers, etc. in. 


    • If you ordered your supplies through PTA, they have already been delivered and will be ready for your child in class Monday. Thank you!


    • Please make sure your student keeps their pencil box and box of crayons with them and they'll carry that right into class when we come in. 


    •  Backpacks will be hung on the hooks outside each room. This year, we will keep snack and lunch in our backpack as we are very close to the snack and lunch tables. 


    • Once you are all squared away outside of your classroom, please walk with your child out to the blacktop and students will line up on your assigned classroom line (they match the room numbers) next to the primary restroom. 


    • Last, parents put on your best game face as your child's teacher walks your big first grader into the start of a great school year! This can be an anxious time for students (and parents) so in the event your child is showing signs of anxiety as we head to class, our experience has been the best thing to do is give your child a big hug, a 'chin up' and then move on to your day rather than linger around the classroom hallway. We promise, they'll greet you in the afternoon with a huge smile on their face!


    • Most importantly, please make sure your child knows their plan for after school whether you are picking them up at the gate or at the drive thru.  There will be sign-up sheets outside each 1st grade room where you can communicate with the teacher where your child goes after school each day. We walk students out through the front gate everyday - one of the first grade teachers will be there to make sure they get to you!


    • See you at Back to School Night on Thursday night where more information will follow. Welcome to first grade at Torrey Hills Elementary School!


    Ms. Grosso, Mrs. Murphy, and Mr. Honsberger 

    We look forward to spending the 2019-2020 school year teaching, challenging, and inspiring our group of first grade students! 


    Please check in regularly to our first grade website for updates on grade level news!