CDM STEAM team consists of Mrs. Munoz in Science, Coach Brand in PE, Ms. Radcliffe in Theater, Ms. Luck in Art
    Steam+ Specialists
    STEAM + specialists focus on nurturing the whole child through active and personal involvement in the learning process.  It is our goal that all students develop their individual ability to communicate thoughts, feelings, and understanding of the world around them.  Each week every student participates in technology, art, music, physical education, and science lab classes. Expert credentialed teachers, many of whom left the traditional classroom setting to pursue the specialty they are now involved with, teach each of these standards-based classes.
    This is going to be an exciting, magical year full of learning!  We are looking forward to exploring, experiencing, and evolving with our new and continuing students. 
    Performing Arts/Integration Specialist
    Ms. Radcliffe
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    Mrs. Luck
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    Mrs. Munoz
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    Coach Brand
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