• Technology
    Welcome to the Del Mar Union School District Technology Department
  • Vision for Technology

    Technology facilitates the purposeful integration of learning between subjects, throughout the day, and across the school site in order to individualize learning and allow for student choice.  Through training and regular use of technology staff are experts in ensuring that the right technology tool is used to provide our students with opportunities to learn and share knowledge that would otherwise be unimaginable.  A culture is clearly established around the willingness to embrace new ideas and proactively use technology by continually infusing local and global best practices, current trends, and future projections into all conversations about teaching and learning.

    Professional Development

    Please visit the District Professional Development page for current offerings.

    2016-19 Technology Plan

    Del Mar Union School District adopted the current Educational Technology Plan on June 22, 2016. This plan was developed in alignment with the District's Strategic Plan and is focused on the Instructional Program, Professional Learning, Infrastructure and Devices.  The purpose of this plan is to enact the Vision for Technology in order to help the Del Mar Union School District meet National Education Technology Standards and promote student achievement on state and district adopted subject and grade level content standards through the use of technology.