Room N4 Wish List

    If you wish to donate to our classroom, here are some ideas!  Thanks so much for your support!

    *Gift cards: Target, Michaels, Barnes and Noble, Office Dept/Staples, Amazon
    *Purell (or other brand) of anti-bacterial waterless hand cleanser
    *Sticky notes ('regular' yellow color- all sizes)
    *Clorox (or other brand) disinfecting wipes
    *Baggies (quart, gallon size, snack)
    *Colored cardstock paper
    *Board games (new or used)
    *pencil top erasers
    *CD +R   discs
    *electric pencil sharpener
    *printer cartridges- Canon Pixma  (color- 211XL and black/white- 210XL)