• Welcome to Preschool!
    Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  My name is Jenna Klepper and I will be your child's preschool teacher this year.  Our instructional assistants are Miss Christina, Miss Denise, & Miss Kat.  I feel fortunate to have them in my class and I know that as a team we will all help your child grow and do our best to meet the individual needs of your child.
    Our instructional hours are from 8:15am to 12:15pm.  Drop off will start at 8:10am and pick up begins around 12:10pm.  We ask that you pick up or make arrangements for pick up by 12:15pm.
    * REMINDER * It is against the law to park in the RED zones to drop off or pick up your child from the gate.  Leaving a car unattended in a RED zone could block access to any response vehicle in the event of an emergency.  We realize the inconvenience this may cause, but the safety of our school is paramount.  Please park in a designated parking space marked "VISITOR" or one WITHOUT any label.  The street is also available to park on, for your convenience. Thank you all for your continued support and understanding during pick up and drop off times :)