• Gabriela Mckearin, M.A., BCBA


          “Miss Gabby”


    Special Education Preschool Teacher 



    Ms. Gabby received her Masters and Teaching Credential in Early childhood Special Education from Santa Clara University in 2008.  She is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and completed her course work at Florida Institute of Technology in 2013.


    Ms. Gabby has been working in the field of Special Education for over 12 years.  She first worked as an Applied Behavioral Analyst (ABA) Therapist for a private company (CARD) in Virginia in 2002.  She began working as an ABA therapist at Milpitas Unified School District when she moved to California in 2004.  Ms. Gabby worked as a Behavioral and Educational Support Technician at the Autism Treatment Center in San Antonio, TX where she supervised various ABA programs in both clinical and center based facilities as well as worked with individuals with special needs that lived in a group home.   In 2006, Ms. Gabby made the shift from ABA therapist to Preschool Special Education Teacher and began working as a teacher.  She started working as a teacher in the San Mateo-Foster City School District and then began working at the Del Mar Union School District when she moved to San Diego in 2008.


    As a special education preschool teacher, Ms. Gabby collaborates with service providers, parents and school personnel to develop and implement appropriate goals, sensory diets, behavioral modification techniques and lesson plans. She uses a variety of tools in the classroom including the use of visual schedules, token boards, visual aides, social stories, music therapy, play scripts, augmentative communication devices, adaptive materials and modified curriculum to teach each student.


    In addition to being highly educated in child development, various special needs and Applied Behavioral Analyst (ABA), Ms. Gabby received additional training in Classroom Pivotal Response Teaching (CPRT) by Rady’s Children’s Hospital and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).  Other additional trainings she has received include:

    • Creating the Receptive Learner by Ronald Leaf
    • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs)
    • Handwriting without Tears
    • Self & Match
    • Basics of Verbal Behavior
    • Tuned into Learning (Music Therapy)
    • Heart Saver First Aid CPR AED by the American Heart Association
    • SATORI Alternative to Managing Aggression (SAMA) Training
    • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training
    •  Introduction to SCERTS
    •  S’ Cool Moves Workshop
    •  Structure Teach Model of TEACCH


    Mission statement: 

    To provide every child the opportunity to grow 
    and achieve to their highest potential.

    Contact Information
    Sycamore Ridge Elementary School
    5333 Old Carmel Valley Road, Room -CC2
    San Diego, CA 92130
    (858)755-1060 x 3851




  • Ms. Gabby