• The Academy for Public Speaking was founded by Kathleen Petrone, a Distinguished Toastmaster, a credentialed educator with 20 years of teaching experience, and the author of Confidence is Key! 12 Amazing Ways Public Speaking Empowers Your Child.

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    GRADES 3-6


    Public Speaking is a fun, interactive course, which empowers your child to become a confident, effective communicator and leader. Our instructors provide a fun, safe, and supportive learning environment where children are encouraged to creatively express themselves as they develop essential communication and leadership skills. Shy children benefit from overcoming fear and gaining confidence, while expressive children embrace the leadership opportunities and enjoy sharing their opinions and experiences. Students also enjoy participating in fun, interactive communication based games and activities to develop confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills.

    In addition to learning how to write and deliver prepared speeches, provide written and verbal peer evaluations, and share impromptu responses, your child will also experience leadership roles such as President, Timer, and “Ah” & “Um” Eliminator. Projects and lessons vary each session. Themes may include introduction, storytelling, vocal variety, inspirational, and/or persuasive speeches. Students who have taken our courses previously may present advanced projects to develop techniques such as using dialogue, facial expressions, gestures, whole body movement, staging, and more.

    In addition to gaining confidence, Academy for Public Speaking graduates have shared they earn better grades on presentations and participate in class more. During the past 6 years, Academy graduates have won over $20,000 in cash prizes and scholarships from competing in speech contests. Enrolling your son or daughter in Public Speaking will contribute significantly to your child’s confidence, happiness, and success by developing essential communication and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.


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