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    Club Xcite offers a variety of unique after school / summer enrichment and skill-building programs in San Diego for public and private schools. All of our programs offer no more than 8:1 student to teacher ratios and we keep our class sizes small at an 18 child maximum. Our approach is to provide a lot of personalized attention so students get the most out of each class. With our great ratio, we are able to separate kids into small groups with similar abilities so we can challenge kids specific to their strengths. Club Xcite trains the highest quality instructors and coaches who have valuable childcare and teaching backgrounds.

    Visit us at www.clubxcite.com!  Please make all checks payable to Club Xcite

    Mini Tennis (K-2nd)                Mini Tennis Pic

    Instructor Ratio: 5-1


    Club Xcite’s Mini Tennis program is designed to introduce children to fundamental tennis skills through fun and captivating games! Our energetic and experienced coaches from Club Xcite will bring all the equipment necessary and tailor their instruction to fit the skill level of the class. This class is unique in that it offers a 5 to 1 student to instructor ratio to ensure that each child has the individualized attention needed to hone his or her skills, while still having a great time. By the end of our sessions, kids will have learned the basics of proper forehand and backhand swings, volleys, serves and score keeping. Our activities are also a great way to help develop hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, agility, speed and self-confidence


    The Escape Classroom Experience (2nd-5th)   Escape Experience Pic

    Instructor Ratio: 6-1


    Evaluate, Solve, and Escape! Club Xcite has created an interactive learning experience that supports students in working together to search for clues, solve mysteries and puzzles to unlock the mystery of the day. The structure provides opportunities for students to acquire problem solving and critical thinking skills through challenges and puzzles such as sudoku, cryptology, decoding messages, and more! Every few classes, students will apply their new skills in the ultimate Escape Classroom experience. Space is limited to 12 students per class with a 6 to 1 student to instructor ratio. 


    Creative Builders I (K-2nd)

    Instructor Ratio: 5-1


    Design, Build and Play! Creative Builders is a unique, creative, and hands-on technical class for children of any skill level who are interested in building, creating and engineering. Our Instructors will guide students through each project, encouraging creative thinking while developing technical fine motor skills. Unique to this class is a 5 to 1 student to instructor ratio, which offers a small group environment with lots of personalized attention. There will be a variety of challenging projects throughout the programs including:

    • -  Egg Drop Challenge                             - Model Wood Kits

    • -  Snap Rovers& Hex bug Kits              - Bottle Rockets! (2 Days)

    • -  Marble Roller Coaster Construction - Bridge Design & Experiment (2 Days)

    Each project will be tailored to the skill level and interests of the students enrolled. Our creative builders really enjoy taking many of their projects and prizes home each class!

    Creative Builders STEM II (K-2nd)

    Instructor Ratio: 5-1


    Aerodynamics, Velocity, & Speed! Similar to other Creative Builders classes, Creative Builders STEM II is abrand newunique, creative, and hands-on technical class for children of any 􏰀skill level who are interested in going more in depth on STEM concepts. This class offers opportunities for students to enhance skills in building & creating, performing experiments, 􏰀engineering, learning to do simple calculations, and more. There will be a variety of􏰀 challenging projects throughout the program including:

    • -  Rocket Creation & Launching                     - Boat Design & Buoyancy Experiment - Planetarium Construction

    • -  Mousetrap Car Creation & Race (2 Days)  - Bubble Snake Creation

    • -  Sounds & Vibrations Exploration                - K’nex Challenge Day!

    • -  Speed & Velocity Math Day!

    Haven’t taken a Creative Builders class before? No problem! Each project will be tailored to the skill level and interests of the students enrolled. Each class, students will come home with new projects and knowledge to share!

    Brain Blast: Physics (3rd– 6th)
    Instructor ratio 5-1


    Energy, Force, & Experiments! Join Club Xcite for a hands on skill building enrichment program expanding on executive functions and building skills. Each day, students will explore a topic that expands their knowledge on being a positive and successful leader in the 21st century. They will also be lead through various building projects and kits to apply and generalize their newly acquired executive function knowledge. Executive functioning skills are the basis for planning, organizing, and following through with all tasks, assignments, and problems inside and out of school. With Club Xcite’s 5:1 student to teacher ratio, students will receive hands-on personalized attention while learning and building throughout each day. Skills and projects include but are not limited to:

    - Effective Communication       - Collaborative Problem Solving

    - Physics Workshop                   - EXTREME Catapult Challenge
    - Focus & Concentration          - Perspective Taking
    - Rocket Creation                      - Building Challenges

    Lego Video Creation (K-2nd)

    Instructor Ratio: 6-1


    Is your child crazy about LEGOS? If so, this class is the perfect choice to add something new to their LEGO experience! Over the course of the session, students will write, film, and direct their own LEGO movie using newly acquired stop motion animation techniques. Our students are put to the challenge to create imaginative LEGO sets and projects, independently and in small groups. They'll be taught to use plot lines, set design, and editing techniques to bring their creations to life in a short movie that they will get to share with friends and family after completion of the class. The class is run by

    the experienced and energetic Instructors from Club Xcite, who will work with students using a 6 to 1 ratio to create projects, assist with building, and support social interactions. Creativity is limitless and possibilities are endless, take this class as many times as you’d like!

    Magic, Pranks and Illusions (3rd- 6th)

    Instructor Ratio: 6-1


    Calling all aspiring Magicians, Illusionists, Pranksters, and Performers! Magic, Pranks & Illusions is an exciting program where students will learn to perform illusions, routines, pranks, & sleight of hand tricks! This program offers opportunities for growth in performance, public speaking, & social confidence building. With our 6 to 1, student to instructor ratio, our future Magicians will have many opportunities for small group environment with lots of personalized attention to master tricks. There will be a variety of tricks throughout the session including:

    • -​  Card, Coin and Rope Tricks

    • -​  Illusion and Mind Tricks

    • -​  Fun Prank Toys

    • -​  Money Magic

    • -​  Magic Can Restore & Refill

    • -​  Brain Games Tricks

    • At the end of the session, students will take home their Magic Kit filled with instructions of each trick & materials collected over the session. This class is something you'll have to see to believe!

    YouTube Sensations (4th-6th)

    Instructor Ratio: 6-1


    Want to become the next YouTube superstar? Join us and learn how to write scripts, act, film and edit as you make a positive impact with your creative video ideas! Students will work together to choose their projects and will take all of their videos home. Some projects will include:

    • -  Writing Scripts

    • -  Creating Documentaries

    • -  Recording Interviews

    • -  Making “how to” videos

    • -  Making Music Videos

      ** NOTE: No videos will be posted during this class.**

    Dance, Dance, Dance! (3rd– 6th)
    Instructor Ratio: 6-1


    Do you want to find out which type of dance you like best? Join us as we explore various dance routines from hip hop to jazz to ballet and more. Students will learn how to break down dance routines and learn to create your own. We will focus on creative expression and mindful movement and will will give a special performance in the last class. Parents are invited! Parents and students will also get private access to videos we record in class.

    World Changers (3rd– 6th)

    Instructor Ratio: 6-1


    Welcome all 21st century world changers! Want to learn to transform the world’s greatest challenges in to the world’s greatest solutions? World changers will prepare students to be 21st century thinkers, ready to problem solve and support themselves and the world at large for continuous growth. Students will choose the issues they care about the most and learn how to apply tools from design thinking, logic and reasoning and collaborative problem solving as they model the strategies of the world’s greatest thinkers and leaders. Some projects may include vision boards, video making, problem solving challenges, mastermind exercises, and more!