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    Grades 2-6

    $199 for 12 Weekly Classes

    Learn how to speak the language of computers! Students will dive into the exciting world of computer coding through Scratch, developed at MIT. Scratch is a block-based application designed to make it simple for anyone to learn programming. Throughout the course, coders create projects like an epic maze game or a choose your own adventure story! The possibilities to create are endless!

    Video Game Design by Code to the Future

    Open to students who are interested in learning computer programming in a fun and kid-friendly environment. Our methods integrate both Programing and Game Design, giving students a fun and well-rounded understanding of how to utilize technology to create. We combine world-class curricula and tools, with a pair-programming education model that makes learning programming a fun and supportive group experience.


    • Our CEO and founder, Andrew Svehaug, is a National Chess Champion and holds an MBA. He developed Code To The Future’s comprehensive curriculum that uses Scratch, a program created by MIT, to teach students the language of technology through block-based programming.
    • Our instructors are role models who are passionate about helping students to succeed, and are extremely well organized and very effective in classroom management.


    Southern California Regional Manager - ASC Division
    Code to the Future / Success Through Chess