MONART DRAWING CLASS: Cartoons & Characters

    Grades: K-5

    12 weeks: $216.00

    Examples: Tom and Jerry, Garfield, Disney Characters, Pixar Characters, Classic Cartoons, and more!

    Enjoy learning our Monart drawing method while creating some of your favorite cartoon, book and movie characters. At Monart we teach that drawing is a teachable skill at which everyone can be successful. Students will learn how use a variety of mediums such as colored pencil, markers, chalk & oil pastels, watercolor and mixed media. Students will vote on the lesson plans taught for this theme as a class. There will be a variety of cartoon characters & genres taught. Each week a fun fact sheet will come home accompanying a completed drawing.

    For more information on the Monart drawing method & philosophies, please visit our website: www.monartsandiego.com



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