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    GRADES K-6
    $295 for 12 weekly 1 hour sessions

    Could your child be the next Magnus Carlsen? Magnus became a Grandmaster by the age of 13 and is now ranked the number one chess player in the world at the age of 22. The San Diego Chess Academy will help you learn chess—from the basics to the most advanced winning strategies. If you’ve never played chess before, or if you think you may be the next Magnus Carlsen, this program is for you! The class is designed for all levels. Beginning students will learn the basic moves including how to check, checkmate, stalemate, castle, en passant, quick checkmates, hanging pieces, chess notation and some fast attacks. Intermediate and advanced students will learn opening, middle, and end game principles; pins, forks, skewers, to see checkmates in one or two moves, and how to use open files. They’ll also learn different types of checkmates including back rank mates, smother mates, and the always-impressive queen sacrifice mates! Our instructors make each class interesting and fun for all students. There will be prizes passed out for various accomplishments. To find out if YOU are the next Magnus Carlsen, sign up today!


    For more information...PHONE:  760-634-5600