• superstar     Superstar Gymnastics (K-3) $290

    Where every child is a Superstar! Designed for beginning to intermediate levels, Superstar Gymnastics will meet your child’s needs and challenge them to reach their own goals, while still having a blast! The Superstar van transports equipment to your child’s school. Our safe and fun equipment includes: a mini trampoline, springboard, block vault, folding mats, incline mats, hula hoops, stomp and catch board, and a parachute! Classes consist of a musical warm-up, stretches, gymnastics circuit, obstacle course, and tons of games! There will be a performance during the last class including an awards ceremony where every gymnast receives a gold medal! Give your son or daughter the chance to shine like a Superstar!

  • Superstar Dance (K-4) $290 

          Superstar Dance