•  cook for thought

    Cook the World!

    Grades 1-6 

    $249 for 12 Weekly Classes 

    Do you have what it takes to create, execute and judge your own recipes? Then join the Cook for Thought Academy!

    Come learn all the basics of real culinary school through a series of exciting, fun, and delicious recipes! Build knife skills, learn to read and adapt your own recipes, cook with unusual spices and ingredients, and practice food critiquing! Each week we will learn a basic set of culinary skills, while challenging ourselves with new recipes! In this class we will cook for real -  from salads to soups to proteins to dessert – there’s one guarantee: a great, fun, delicious culinary adventure!

    Classes taught by Certified Nutritionist& Culinary Instructor Fernanda Larson, MS – founder & director of Cook for Thought.

    For more information: www.cookforthought.com, (858)242-2341, fernanda@cookforthought.com

    Registration includes all materials and ingredients, recipe book and sampler meals.