• May 27-31, 2019


    Dear Parents!!


    NO SCHOOL on Monday, May 27th- Memorial Day Observed


    No more homework after May 31st, so please use up those homework passes.


    School of the Future Design Thinking Challenge: Our students have been working hard on their design thinking challenge on how they might redesign a School of the Future?” We would love for you to come and see the incredible thinking and designs of your children. All prototypes will be on display in our classroom tomorrow morning, Friday May 24th from 8:00 – 8:30 AM. We hope you can join us to celebrate the learning, creativity and innovation happening in our classrooms.


    Egg Drop Challenge:

    Over the next few weeks in Mrs. Johnson’s science rotation, your child will learn about the Egg Drop Challenge. Please have your child bring in his/her system (with the raw egg inside) on Tuesday, June 4th. Your child may work with a partner. All construction will be done at home. Students may work with another third grader from another class if preferred. All building will be done at home.

    Objective: Design a system to protect an egg from cracking or breaking from a high fall.

    Materials: Use anything you'd like! Some ideas include: paper towels, straws, tape, cardboard tubes, paper, popsicle sticks, baggies or old boxes.

    Restrictions: No metal or glass may be utilized and keep the contraption smaller than a shoebox. No drones either.

    Ideas: Popcorn, parachutes, packing peanuts, cereal, balloons, straws, or a combo of ideas



    What are we learning this month:

    • English Language Arts: In Wonders, students will read and work on different grammar, spelling and vocabulary skills. We will be selective in the rest of the stories students will read and focus on in class. We are also working on Charlotte’s Web. Students are focusing on thinking strategies such as Step Inside a Character and Word, Phrase & Sentence to discover themes and character traits.
    • Poetry/Art: Students are creating a passion poem.
    • Science: Students are working on a unit on Forces and Magnets. Students are designing bridges and then fast slides in class. Egg drop activity will be introduced.
    • Social Studies: Students continue to study people in our community that make a difference.
    • Math: Students are reviewing skills and taking District assessments to finish up the year.



    Third Grade Team:


    Sandy Johnson

    Adrienne Sheffield

    Erin Lee

    Melissa Davis (2/3 combo)