• The library is open during morning recess every day.
                    The library is open during lunch recess on Mondays, Tuesdays,          Thursdays, and Fridays.
     Library Rules
             First through 6th grade students are welcome in the library during morning and lunch recess. There are a variety of board games students can play. Students can also check-in and out books, read, color, borrow bean bags to sit and char with friends, and help in the library. It is a busy and fun time that both the students and I enjoy!
             In order to maintain a library atmosphere, one where students can enter to read, write, color, etc., the following rules are necessary:
             Always use “whisper voices” so it does not get too loud
             Absolutely no running or outside-type playing in the library
             Clean up after, and return to proper place, whatever activity in which they were involved
             Four children are allowed in the J Zone, at a time, for silent reading
             Four children are allowed in the Lego Wall corner at a time