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Del Mar Hills 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Rachel Matteson




Del Mar Hills Academy would like to announce Rachel Matteson as our 2019 Teacher of the Year.  Rachel is dedicated to creating a rigorous yet calm, nurturing and positive classroom environment for every single one of her second graders. Her students thrive academically, socially and behaviorally, in part, because of the personal connections they’ve developed with their teacher who instills great passion and inspiration for learning.  Rachel is an exceptionally high-performing educator who designs each lesson with clear and measurable objectives, demonstrates a sense of purpose for everything she does, has a positive attitude, expects her students to succeed and emanates warmth and a sense of humor.


Rachel has a profound understanding of her students’ needs and works tirelessly to ensure she creates meaningful learning opportunities by engaging her students in learning that pushes them to think critically and apply their knowledge in authentic ways.  Her students actively participate in deep and focused learning with great success and sophistication. Rachel’s thoughtful design and delivery of lessons enables each of her students to move along their individual continuums of learning. Rachel provides immediate/specific feedback to students; she is not afraid to take risks to implement new ideas, she is extraordinarily reflective of the teaching and learning that takes place in her classroom, and she radiates a contagious energy and a love for the work she does every single day.  Rachel has been nothing but value-added to the strength of Del Mar Hills Academy’s staff since the moment she walked on our campus, and we are so grateful to have this brilliant, compassionate, resourceful educator in our district.


Rachel’s leadership at our site, as well as at the district-level, continues to be unparalled, and its impact immeasurable.  Her influence can be felt far beyond the four walls of her classroom. Rachel has served as our one of our district’s CGI lead instructors for the past six school years.  In this role, Rachel provides support and professional learning opportunities to teachers across our district (and others) in the area of cognitively guided math instruction. She has developed and presented professional learning in many areas of mathematics, including but not limited to: Student Engagement, Multiplication/Division (and the link to Place Value Understanding), Small Group Instruction, Invented Algorithm, and Young Children’s Mathematics.  Rachel also facilitates Embedded CGI Days and Grade Level Coaching with primary teachers across our district. Rachel’s work in coaching teachers and building their capacity around this student-centered approach to teaching math continues to promote her own understanding of this pedagogy and its impact/implications on children’s conceptual understanding of mathematics over time.


Rachel is well respected by her colleagues.  She is a consummate professional who is kind, compassionate and has a sense of calm about her that radiates to all of us who are lucky enough to work beside her in educating our SurfRiders.  Rachel’s desire to do what’s best for all children is a perfect fit for our school community and our district at large. She is poised, articulate, continually considers and values others’ perspectives and is always willing to lend a hand when needed.   She is a genuine team player and our school is thrilled to recommend Mrs. Rachel Matteson as the 2019 Del Mar Hills Academy Teacher of the Year!