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Mrs. Arah Allard, 4th grade teacher, is Del Mar Hills Teacher of the Year!

Arah is a wonderfully dedicated teacher and a leader of innovative teaching practices. She is constantly adding to and improving her teaching skills. She embraces new ideas and freely shares all of her knowledge and experience.

Arah is always thinking about her students and how she can use any new strategies and teaching methods to make her students successful. She is always talking about what is best for students and keeps that idea as what drives the instruction in her classroom. She also is very vocal about what is best for children schoolwide.

Arah has high expectations for her students, and she helps them achieve to the best of their ability. Students love being in her class because she makes learning exciting by using new and innovative ways to teach. She embraces technology is always trying new ways to bring it into her teaching. Arah is always on the forefront of what is best for her learning environment. She was one of the first teachers to change her learning environment, long before it became a District focus.

Arah is very respected by her colleagues and the families at Del Mar Hills, and around the District. She is known as someone who will always step up when there is a need to be filled. She is a hard worker who brings great ideas and insights to the table. Arah will always help her colleagues with anything they might need. She is a great resource for brainstorming classroom ideas.

Arah always conducts herself with integrity and poise. Our school is so lucky to have her as part of our family. We are so proud to have her as our 2020 Teacher of the Year.