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Congratulations to Ocean Air's Teacher of the Year, Rafaela Zanetti

Ocean Air is pleased to announce Rafaela Zanetti as our Certificated Teacher of the Year!  Rafaela’s 5th grade classroom is a warm and supportive environment where all of her students excel both academically and socially. The warm yet, well organized and structured environment that she creates is a calm haven for all her students to express their ideas and reach their full potential knowing that they have her full support on a daily basis. She is a dynamic teacher, and her love of teaching really shines through every day of the year! The level of communication and guidance of all her students is unmatched and her calm, gentle and level demeanor is an asset to not only her students but to the entire 5th grade team as well.  She is well respected among all of her coworkers and peers and her extra efforts do not go unrecognized. We are so lucky that she calls Ocean Air home - Congratulations Rafaela!