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Congratulations to Ocean Air's Classified Employee of the Year, Yvonne Rons

Throughout her years at Ocean Air, Yvonne has become a positive and steadfast presence in our Health Office. Yvonne has cultivated relationships with students as well as parents with her warm supportive demeanor.  She truly understands the needs of every student she encounters and she also finds a way to put students fears to rest with her witty humor which can turn any frown upside down.  Yvonne adds that mom touch to the Health Office to help ensure every child receives what he or she needs.   Her encouraging attitude and willingness to go above and beyond to support both our students and teachers, makes her an irreplaceable presence at our school.  In addition to her excellent work performance, it’s her care, sense of responsibility, and attention to detail that truly sets Yvonne apart. Congratulations Yvonne!