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Congratulation's to Ocean Air's Certificated Employee of the year, Meredith Gleason

Meredith is a standout school psychologist and Ocean Air is happy to recognize Meredith as Certificated Teacher of the Year. While psychologists are not always immediately regarded or recognized as ‘teachers’, Meredith’s nomination by her peers demonstrates the indelible impact she has had upon students and staff. Meredith has provided a number of invaluable services for students and staff alike at Ocean Air. She has conducted psychological evaluations to evaluate eligibility for special education services, to assess academic skills, and aptitude for learning. She has a keen ability to share assessment results with all stakeholders in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. She also has been instrumental in advising, creating, and implementing behavioral/social-emotional support strategies to meet the needs of students in both general and special education settings. Additionally, she has excelled in working directly with students, teachers, and families to resolve problems in social skills and learning. 

 She exudes professionalism, compassion, and integrity. Her knowledge and expertise are beyond impressive! There is never a question or concern that is too big or too small for her and she is available to lend a listening ear and always has a plethora of ideas, suggestions, and possible solutions to help make the life of all students at Ocean Air better. Her collaborative approach is greatly appreciated and valued by all, and Ocean Air students and staff are the benefactors of her knowledge and support. 


Congratulations Meredith!