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Employee's of the Month!

April Employee of the Month, Cindy Nicoll!

Sage Canyon School – Cindy Nicoll: Sixth Grade Teacher Cindy has the ability to brighten anyone’s day. She greets everyone with a smile and approaches every task with positivity. If someone needs help, Cindy is the first one to respond. She goes above and beyond to make sure our sixth graders are successful, academically and socially, and that their passions and interests are valued. Cindy is a mentor to our students, ensuring that their written communication skills are top notch. Sage Canyon is lucky to have Cindy as part of our team!

Cindy Nicoll



March Employee of the Month, Anjani Kumar!

Sage Canyon would like to recognize Anjani Kumar as our Classified Employee of the month.  Anjani demonstrates a student-centered mindset in her role as an Instructional Assistant.  When thinking of ways to support academic and social development, she is flexible and puts student’s needs first.  She takes initiative to help our general education teachers as demonstrated by her willingness to teach alongside them, work with any student who needs helps, as well as support all students at lunch and recess.  Her enthusiasm for the job shines through in the smile she greets everyone with.  We are so lucky to have her as part of our team! 



February Employee of the Month, Tamara Hanlon!

After School Team Leader 




January Employee of the Month, Karyn Conner!

Sage Canyon’s January employee of the month is Karyn Conner.  Karyn exemplifies what it means to be a life-long learner.  She continually strives to grow as a professional and further develop the craft of teaching. Her curious, inquisitive nature sets the tone for students to ask questions and be curious too!  Karyn’s passion for mathematics is evident.  This year, she created a math book club with her teammates.  She always makes herself available to answer questions, look at student work, or offer guidance to others when asked.  Not only does she support teachers at Sage Canyon with CGI, but she works with teachers throughout our district to ensure our students receive the best instruction.  The Sage Canyon community is grateful for her!

November/December Employee of the Month, Trent Tracy!

Sage Canyon’s Employee of the Month for November and December is Trent Tracy.  Every day, Trent puts his best foot forward to create fun, engaging Physical Education activities for our students.  He works on building skills while teaching good sportsmanship.  Additionally, he empowers students to be leaders by creating warm-up routines led by kids, creating mini coach opportunities around campus, and teaching students how to be in charge of their own health and wellness.  He’s collaborative, ready with a smile or helping hand, and we are so lucky to have him at Sage Canyon!




October Employee of the Month, Jason Billings!

Sage Canyon would like to recognize JASON BILLINGS as our Classified Employee of the Month of October.  Jason is a champion of all students.  Additionally, he is an extraordinary support to our classroom teachers.  Whether a student needs help, a question from staff needs to be answered, or side by side modeling is necessary, Jason is responsive and happy to assist.  He helps to make our school a better place for students, their families, and our staff.  We are extremely grateful for his expertise, work ethic, and sense of humor.



September Employee of the Month, Paris Esmaili!

For the month of September, Sage Canyon would like to recognize Paris Esmaili as our employee of the month.  Paris is the epitome of a team player.  She collaborates with all staff members in order to provide meaningful, relevant learning experiences for our students.  Paris also works closely with her STEAM+ team to plan interdisciplinary projects.  She is flexible with her time in order to offer fun lunch clubs for students, support teachers with their use of technology in the classroom, or assist with school wide projects.   She is always ready with a smile and helping hand.  We appreciate all she does to make Sage Canyon an excellent place to be.