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All Enrollment Paperwork Due May 1, 2020.

Enrollment forms are required by the Community Care Licensing Department.  Paperwork for summer registration is due April 24.  Paperwork for Fall 2020 registrations are due May1.  Your child's enrollment file must be complete prior to the 1st day of school or the child will not be able to attend school.  We thank you for your understanding.
The following forms are required with original signatures.
Required form 1-             ID and Emergency Info, LIC 700
Required form 2-            PreAdmission Health History, LIC 702
Required form 3-            Physician's Report, LIC 701
Required form 4-            Consent for Medical Treatment, LIC 627
Required form 5-            Notification of Parent's Rights, LIC 995 
Required form 6-            Personal Rights, LIC 613A
Required form 7-            ECDC Parent Handbook Agreement 2020-2021
If applicable: