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Join the ECDC Team!

Join the Team


The Del Mar Union School District's Early Childhood Development Center

is always looking for highly qualified early childhood edcuators to join the team!

We seek indivudals that:

* have a minimum of 12 "core" units in child development including infant/toddler, title 22.

* are familiar with the Reggio Emilia philosophy, love nature and organic play-based environments

* have at least one passion to share with students and staff within STEAM

* are willing to get messy and be hands-on with children everyday

* pro-active, creative thinkers to bring in and make new ideas happen.


Benefits of Joining the ECDC Team:

* competetive wages

* earned vacation & sick time

* traditional school year calendar, plus summer hours available!

* Spend your days with the best people in the world, YOUNG CHILDREN.


Whether you wish to become staff, volunteer or work with us to satisfy obserbation or internship hours, we welcome you!

Visit and search for Del Mar Union School District for current postings.