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Accessing Campus During School Hours

Accessing Campus During School Hours
All gates onto campus are locked during school hours from 8:05-2:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 8:05-12:30 on Wednesday. All adults are required to sign in at the front office prior to entering the school campus during school hours. Kindergarten parents must pick up their students in the front of the school.Thank you for your cooperatiion.
Stranger Danger Tips:
In light of the recent event in our community, we urge you to go over safety expectations with your children.  Now is a good time to discuss “Stranger Danger” and safety procedures. The San Diego Police Department have given us the following suggestions to share with you:
• Make sure your children are walking to and from school in a group and/or with an adult supervising.
• Remind your child to never talk to strangers. If someone approaches them in any way, they should not talk to the person but immediately scream loudly and run to the school, nearest adult they know, neighbor’s house, etc.
• Do not take shortcuts or different routes to or from school. Have a plan and make sure your children know you expect them to walk with friends and a certain route every day.
• Report any unusual occurrences to the school office. We have an extensive network whereby we notify all other schools and they also notify our district so we can keep our children safe.
• If you see a vehicle or an individual that looks “out of place” or suspicious, write down the license number and a brief description of the car and person. The police do follow-up on this information and they need our help.
Thank you for helping us keep our children safe.