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Meet the 2019 - 2020 Grade Level Teams

Each new school year comes with exciting changes. We are excited to welcome families new to the Pacific Highlands Ranch community and have several new staff members joining the Sycamore Ridge Family. I know that you will extend your warmest welcome and immediately recognize the individual and collective strengths and resources that they bring to Sycamore Ridge School. In addition, you’ll be seeing some familiar faces in new places!
Kindergarten Team  
Kindergarten Teachers: Mrs. Wojtkowski, Mrs. Polchin, Mrs. Fletcher & Mrs. Garfein
1st Grade Team
1st Grade Teachers: Ms. Evans, Mrs. Vincent, Ms. Cunningham and Mrs. Jones
 2nd Grade Team
2nd Grade Teachers: Mrs. O'Farrell, Mrs. Cass, and Mrs. Bonaguidi
 3rd Grade Team
3rd Grade Teachers: Mrs. Schengel, Ms. Saunders, Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Johnson
4th Grade Team  
4th Grade Teachers: Mrs. Chung, Ms. Money and Mrs. McClellan
5th Grade Team  
5th Grade Teachers: Mrs. Hansen, Mrs. Kowieski, Mr. Dahl, Mrs. Mackie & Ms. Russell
6th Grade Team  
6th Grade Teachers: Mrs. Hurst, Mr. Lima & Mrs. Mokiao
STEAM+ Teachers: Mr. Bienke, Ms. Neilson, Mrs. Gilbert, Ms. Moyneur & Ms. Clover
Special Education Team  
Resource Team: Sandra Uhren, Aimee Zaiser, Meredith Gleason, Krystle Stadler
Natasha Shelton, Jenna Solares and Shelby Smith
Sycamore Ridge's facility dog, Sheldon