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Congratulations Cat Gilbert! Sycamore Ridge Certificated Employee of the Year

Cat Gilbert is an exceptional teacher, well deserving of the Teacher of the Year recognition at Sycamore Ridge School.

 It is evident that Cat spends hours planning an art studio environment that promotes student agency, personalization, and independence. Students take carefully crafted ideas and make them their own, giving voice to their individual creativity. Cat’s commitment to innovation, creative and critical thinking and experimentation is an inspiration to all that work with her.

She often plans and facilitates art experiences and events that foster empathy and relationship building between and among students.

Cat’s dedication to the students at Sycamore Ridge students goes well beyond the hours that she is with students in the Stallion Art Studio. Cat has engaged students in the Little Italy Art Walk event, Mendo the cow contest, and numerous art events at Del Mar Highlands shopping center.

The Stallion art studio is inclusive and all students’ needs are supported by Cat. Mrs. Gilbert  helps students take personal responsibility and ownership of problems and solutions while ensuring that students understand logical consequences and accountability. Cat also spends time afterschool discussing situations with teachers and parents, using communication and follow through to create a positive and supportive community for everyone.

We are so fortunate to Cat Gilbert as a member of the Sycamore Ridge Family.