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Congratulations Manny Hernandez! Sycamore Ridge Classified Employee of the Year

Manny Hernandez is a valuable asset to Sycamore Ridge! Manny shows up to work with a smile every day. He is extremely reliable and always ready to go. His ability to support our most impacted students is incredible. His demeanor is calm and comforting and he really makes a difference in students’ lives. Manny is constantly seen supporting students all around campus. Before school, STEAM+, recess duty, during assemblies, lunch and after school – Manny is always there. Manny is a playground staple, going beyond the call of duty and supporting all students at play. He is committed to all students and consistently implementing academic, social and emotional supports. 

Manny never says no, is always positive and any task is always met with a smile. He picks up on things very fast and is always open minding when trying new strategies both in and out of the classroom. Manny is a great advocate and always has the student’s best interest in mind.  He is always available to help or support all staff on campus.

 Manny is a great choice for the employee of the year. He sets the example of what Del Mar Union School District is at its best!