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Important Notice About Dogs on School Grounds

Del Mar Union School District is committed to maintaining a safe, secure, and accessible environment for all students, staff, and visitors of our District. Based on this responsibility, no dogs, with the exception of certified service dogs accompanying a person with a disability, are permitted on any of our school grounds. Unfortunately, a student was recently bitten by a dog while attending an evening event at one of our school campuses. Upon investigation, it was discovered that dogs are being brought on campuses throughout our District after school hours. Please be advised that the District does not permit dogs on any of our school campuses. This policy applies to all of our campuses both during and outside of regular school hours.
If you bring your pet on any of our school campuses, you will be asked to immediately remove the pet from the property. We will be cooperating with law enforcement and animal control, as needed, to enforce this policy.
The security of our children is always our top priority. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in helping us keep our children safe.