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Second Step

The Second Step Program promotes...

  • Student Success
  • School Connectedness
  • Safe & Respectful School Climate

Components of the 2nd Step Program Kindergarten - 5th Grade

  • Skills for Learning: Students learn to self-regulate themselves in the classroom.
  • Empathy: Students feel and understand what another person is feeling.
  • Emotional Management: Students recognize strong emotions and calm down with proactive strategies.
  • Problem Solving: Students solve interpersonal conflicts with peers. Students will use four Problem-Solving Steps after calming down. 


Components of the 2nd Step Program - 6th Grade

  • Mindsets & Goals: Students learn how to develop a growth mindset and apply it to their social and academic lives. Students learn a research-based strategy for achieving goals.
  • Values & Friendships: Students learn how to use their values to help them make good decisions and build strong friendships. 
  • Thoughts, Emotions, & Decisions: Students learn about the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and decisions. Students learn strategies for calming down and staying in control when experiencing strong emotions.