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Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year, Rebecca Hoy!

Congratulations to Rebecca Hoy, Torrey Hills teacher of the year!  Rebecca’s warmth and kindness resonates with families and fellow colleagues at Torrey Hills.  She exudes positivity that contributes greatly in creating a school culture that values parents, students and staff.   Rebecca  is known as a teacher that is open to try new ideas, willing to find ways that support all students, and collaborates with all groups (staff, parents, students). Rebecca’s students are eager to see her each day and her love for them is evident as they arrive with big smiles and hugs for her.  Rebecca listens to the needs of her students and thoughtfully plans out the day to meet the needs of each unique learner in her class.  Rebecca is dedicated to the craft of teaching.  She participates whole-heartedly on teacher teams.  As a team member of the Creating Cultures of Thinking cohort, Rebecca provides insight and valuable contributions. She is happy to try out new ideas in the classroom and share with other colleagues to help them be successful which in turn increases enthusiasm and engagement.  Dedication, loyalty, and respect are all descriptors you might hear parents and other teachers say to illustrate Rebecca’s many qualities.  Rebecca is an exceptionally fine representative of Torrey Hills.