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Student Supply Pick Up June 1st - 5th

Scheduled DRIVE THROUGH pick up times by student last name:

Monday, June 1st A-B  (12:00-2:00)

Tuesday, June 2: C-D  (9:00-11:00); E-H  (12:00-2:00)

Wednesday, June 3: I-K  (9:00-11:00)

Thursday, June 4:  L-M  (9:00-11:00); N-R (12:00-2:00)

Friday, June 5: S-T  (9:00-11:00); U-Z  (12:00-2:00)


On these days, you will be able to pick up students’ items (which will also include their yearbook if ordered this year). 

You will also be able to drop off any library or classroom books and Chromebooks.

Medication will be available for pick up.

Additional Chromebook drop off days will be June 15thand 16th from 9:00-12:00