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Congratulations, Employees of the Month November/December 2018!


Del Mar Union School District

Employees of the Month

November/December 2018

Photos of DMUSD Employees of the Month November/December 2018

Ashley Falls School – Emily Stengle, Resource Specialist

Ashley Falls is thrilled to recognize Emily Stengle as our Employee of the Month! Emily is one of our Education Specialist on campus and truly is the definition of what it means to go above and beyond for students.  Emily always puts her students first and at the center of every decision. She works tirelessly to not only support them when they are in the Learning Center but also when they are in their classroom and on the playground. She has a unique ability to meet students at their level, create conditions for students feel safe and confident, and then help each of them make incredible academic growth.  Emily also creates a classroom culture where students and staff enjoy being! She is skilled in her craft, exceptional at managing all the aspects of her job, and a hard-working, collaborative teammate! We are so fortunate that Emily is a member of the Ashley Falls community! 

Carmel Del Mar School – Cathie Hays, Third Grade Teacher

Carmel Del Mar is pleased to honor Cathie Hays as our Employee of the Month. Mrs. Hays is a dedicated Third Grade teacher who is passionate about supporting students’ academic and social needs. She develops positive relationships with her students and is thoughtful when implementing new programs. Mrs. Hays has a genuine love for children and it shows in every interaction she has with her students. We are excited to have her as a member of our team at CDM. Congratulations Mrs. Hays!

Del Mar Heights School – Gina Vargus, Kindergarten Teacher

Del Mar Heights teacher of the month for November/December is Gina Vargus!  Ms. Vargus is an amazing teacher on the DMHS kindergarten team.  She works relentlessly to make her classroom a place of high expectations both socially and academically.  Her students are highly engaged in the social aspect of school and learn how to be a better friend in and out of the classroom.  Instructionally, students are challenged to always do their best work.  She works with her team to create fun and creative learning stations where students rise to the academic challenges!  She is a true asset to our campus and to all of our youngest learners.  Thank you and congratulations Gina for your dedication to our school and community.

Del Mar Hills Academy – Nancy Swanberg, STEAM+ Science Teacher

Congratulations Nancy Swanberg – she is Del Mar Hills Academy’s November-December Employee of the Month!  Nancy, who has been a Science Specialist for many years, has been striving toward embracing the origin of what STEAM education truly encompasses – an interdisciplinary approach to learning via robust and engaging opportunities for our students that take place in dynamic environments that support critical thinking, innovation, collaboration, and problem solving.  To that end, she has been implementing new teaching approaches to ensure her practice aligns with the shifts outlined in the NGSS. Nancy is willing to lend a helping hand whenever there is need on our campus – from supporting the violin and percussion sections of our SurfRider Symphony to helping students who are struggling to meet grade level goals.  Congratulations Nancy and thank you for the many roles you play in making sure the SurfRiders you support are on their paths toward success.

Ocean Air School – Sandi Jackson, Kindergarten Teacher

Congratulations to Ocean Air’s Employee of the month, Sandi Jackson!  Sandi is a dedicated and caring Kindergarten teacher who continually makes the extra effort for her students and her kindergarten team.  She creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in her classroom each day where every student feels heard, valued and can truly thrive.  She takes great care to guide and support each child to ensure they meet their potential. Sandi is an incredible teacher, mentor and co-worker and we are so fortunate to work with her.  Congratulations Sandi!

Sage Canyon School – Trent Tracy, Physical Education Teacher

Sage Canyon’s Employee of the Month for November and December is Trent Tracy.  Every day, Trent puts his best foot forward to create fun, engaging Physical Education activities for our students.  He works on building skills while teaching good sportsmanship.  Additionally, he empowers students to be leaders by creating warm-up routines led by kids, creating mini coach opportunities around campus, and teaching students how to be in charge of their own health and wellness.  He’s collaborative, ready with a smile or helping hand, and we are so lucky to have him at Sage Canyon!

Sycamore Ridge School – Alicia Saunders, Third Grade Teacher

Congratulations to Sycamore Ridge Employee of the Month, Alicia Saunders! Alicia is an awesome educator who is passionate about her work.  Alicia works hard to support her students, team partners and all of the Sycamore Ridge staff. Alicia is patient and understanding and always tries to meet the emotional needs of her students. Academically, she is consistently trying to differentiate instruction. This year she has even formed a Spanish group, meeting the needs of our Spanish speakers. We are lucky to have this amazing teacher at Sycamore Ridge. So a heartfelt congratulations to Alicia!

Torrey Hills School – Stephanie Cluxton, Kindergarten Teacher

Congratulations to our Torrey Hills Employee of the Month, Stephanie Cluxton.  Mrs. Cluxton is a dedicated kindergarten teacher at Torrey Hills. When you walk into Mrs. Cluxton’s room, you will find kindergarten students fully engaged in their learning.  Mrs. Cluxton is a true professional and is always looking for new ideas to make her instruction relevant for her students. Mrs. Cluxton asks thoughtful questions of her students in order to deepen their thinking and provides many opportunities for her students to share their ideas in class.  Her students are proud of the learning they are doing and excited to learn more each day.  Our kindergarten students are in good hands with such a caring and supportive teacher.  Way to go, Mrs. Cluxton!

Early Childhood Education – Emily Weiss, Lead Teacher

The Early Childhood Development Center would like to select Emily Weiss as our employee of the month.  Emily has taken on the position of the interim Lead Teacher of the toddler room at Ashley Falls preschool. She has managed and supported the Instructional Assistants in that classroom as well as the children. She has remained motivated and positive by having a smile on her face, encouraging her colleagues, and laughing with her young learners. We are very appreciated of her hard work!

District Office – Cathy Brizes, Administrative Assistant, Technology Department

Congratulations to Cathy Brizes, the District Office Employee of the Month!  Cathy’s can-do attitude, willingness to help out at a moment’s notice, follow-up, and customer service are an invaluable asset to the Technology Department.  In just the last few months, Cathy has helped to deploy 1,300 Chromebooks, troubleshoot 40 touchscreen monitors, and respond to 100’s of Help Tickets.  The job of the Tech Department is often to respond to people who are struggling with an issue.  Cathy does this with a smile, making sure that our students and staff are able to keep teaching and learning.  Thank you, Cathy!