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Congratulations, DMUSD Employees of the Month, March 2019!


Del Mar Union School District

Employees of the Month

March 2019

Photos of March 2019 DMUSD Employees of the Month

Ashley Falls School – Sierra Cruz, Instructional Aide
Ashley Falls is thrilled to recognize Sierra Cruz as our Employee of the Month! Sierra is an outstanding instructional aide who is always willing to do whatever it takes to support any student on our campus.  She has a unique ability to skillfully adjust supports for each child and in each situation (academically & behaviorally) to ensure that they are making incredible progress. Every student who gets the opportunity to work with Sierra connects with her easily, loves spending time with her, and respects her feedback and coaching.  Sierra is always professional with her interactions with students, staff, and families. She enjoys learning so she can be the best she can be for our students. Sierra is trustworthy, flexible, and always has a positive attitude!  We are so fortunate to have Sierra at Ashley Falls supporting our students, staff, and families!

Carmel Del Mar School – Katie Gomez, Office Assistant
Carmel Del Mar School is pleased to honor Katie Gomez with our March Employee of the Month. Ms. Gomez is a dedicated Office Assistant who greets all students and visitors to CDM with a smile. Her positive attitude and welcoming spirit make her beloved by all members of our CDM community. Ms. Gomez is exceptional in helping to organize school fieldtrips, providing daily lunch services and ordering materials in an efficient manner. What would we do without her? Congratulations Ms. Gomez!

Del Mar Heights School–Heidi Merkel Eckstein, Librarian
We are so pleased to announce Heidi Merkel Eckstein as our Employee of the Month! Her Library is a pleasant and welcoming environment for all grade level students. She goes above and beyond daily, her space is open to students before school, and on recess breaks for those who choose to read. Her lesson plans are innovative and current and include social and emotional curriculum as well as creative thinking. She assists whenever help is needed to lend a hand. She also assists in the Cultural Heights program, which is an exposure program featuring a chosen country to give students an overall view of the life and culture they will learn more about. Heidi is always willing to step up and help no matter the job or duty. She is encouraging and supportive of all students and staff. We feel very lucky to have her call Del Mar Heights home.

Del Mar Hills Academy– Krystal Caluza, Health Aide Technician
Congratulations Krystal Caluza – she is Del Mar Hills Academy’s March Employee of the Month!  Krystal is our extraordinary and very much appreciated Health Care Technician.

Krystal embraces best practices that serve all sick and wounded SurfRiders and she does so in the warm, welcoming environment she has created in the DMHA Health Office.  Krystal is a team player who often goes above and beyond to support the well-being of students, staff and families in our school.  She willingly takes on additional responsibilities - she is our yearbook coordinator; she decorates the staff lounge and community bulletin board every month; she helps out with crosswalk duty and so much more.

Over the past four school years, Krystal has developed meaningful relationships with our students, families, and staff, and she is a beloved member of the Del Mar Hills Academy school community.  Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition… we are grateful you are here 

Ocean Air School – Susan Peterson, Instructional Aid
Susie is a valued member of the Ocean Air staff. She is a true team member who always tries to support everyone she works with.  Susie excels with guiding and motivating all the students. She is a natural problem solver. Ocean Air is so lucky to have her!

Sage Canyon School– Anjani Kumar, Instructional Assistant
Sage Canyon would like to recognize Anjani Kumar as our Classified Employee of the month.  Anjani demonstrates a student-centered mindset in her role as an Instructional Assistant.  When thinking of ways to support academic and social development, she is flexible and puts student’s needs first.  She takes initiative to help our general education teachers as demonstrated by her willingness to teach alongside them, work with any student who needs helps, as well as support all students at lunch and recess.  Her enthusiasm for the job shines through in the smile she greets everyone with.  We are so lucky to have her as part of our team!

Sycamore Ridge School– Megan Blabac, Office Assistant
Way to go Megan Blabac – Sycamore Ridge Employee of the Month! Megan is an amazing office assistant. She goes above and beyond. She is an excellent example of "stepping-up" and supporting students, staff and everyone who walks in the front office or calls on the phone. Megan is always positive and willing and able to help. Thank you, Megan and congratulations!

Torrey Hills School – Jaime Hernandez, Health Technician
Congratulations to our Employee of the Month, Jaime Hernandez.  Jaime is the Health Technician at Torrey Hills and is amazing in the work that she does.  Jaime not only supports our Torrey Hills kindergarten through sixth grade students, but she also supports the pre-school aged students on our site.  She is always there to assist students and parents with a smile and her positive demeanor.  She is very collaborative with the front office staff, administration, and teachers in order to meet students’ needs.  She is knowledgeable, flexible, and willing to support in any way possible.  We feel so fortunate to have her as part of our Torrey Hills’ team! 

Early Childhood Education – Kayla Kaiser
Kayla started the Del Mar Union School District this year 2018-19 in the preschool 2 classroom. Her hard work and dedication allowed the children in her classroom to prosper. She is committed to the field of early childhood education and plans on excelling at her position by learning and being open to feedback. One extraordinary moment for Kayla was when she provided an incredible amount of love and support in order to make all the children in her classroom successful in their learning. Although new to the District, Kayla is a wonderful asset and the ECDC program is so blessed to have her with us.  

District Office – Ed Cruz, Maintenance Worker, Maintenance, Operations & Facilities Department
It is an honor to recognize Ed Cruz as the Classified Employee of the Month. Ed has been part of the M.O.F. team for 11 months. Ed is a dedicated and highly motivated employee. We continue to get feedback regarding his quick response and “can do” attitude. Ed is always willing to go above and beyond to complete tasks in a timely manner. His quick learning skills and positive team spirit has been a valuable contribution to the success of our department.