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Message from the Superintendent, April 2019

Message from the Superintendent 

April 2019 

This is an exciting time to be working on school facilities! We have looked closely at the learner profile of our DMUSD students to determine the skills they need to develop, and we have done extensive research about the spaces needed to support exceptional teaching and learning.

We are in the midst of rebuilding one school, building a new school, and modernizing learning spaces at every school in our district. During each phase of the process, we are excited that people from throughout our community are getting involved in the planning and design.   

One question on the minds of many:  What are the architectural features we are envisioning for our school sites? 

The “Third Teacher”
A modern school is one that fits the needs of current and future learners...

Flexible Learning Spaces
The physical space should inspire the work of groups and individuals, both children and adults…

What do our students say?
Elementary school campuses should have spaces specifically designed for children...

Our schools should be built around flexibility, anticipating changes in education and technology...

Holly McClurg, Ph.D

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