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Congratulations, DMUSD Employees of the Month, May 2019!



Del Mar Union School District

Employees of the Month

May 2019

 Photo of DMUSD Emplyees of the Month, May, 2019

Ashley Falls School - Aprajita Bandyopadhyay, Behavior Support Interventionist

Ashley Falls is thrilled to recognize Aparajita Bandyopadhyay as our Employee of the Month! Aparajita is our Behavior Support Interventionist and we are so lucky to have her here helping our students and staff.  Mrs. B is always willing to do whatever it takes to support any student on our campus.  She is patient, loving, kind, and compassionate.  She understands that all children have amazing potential and she helps them see what they are capable of through her guidance and support. All of our students know they can trust Mrs. B and that they can go to her for help.  She has a unique way of connecting quickly with students and building relationships. Her skillset and ability to adjust to each situation is to be admired. We are so fortunate to have Aparajita at Ashley Falls supporting our students, staff, and families!

Carmel Del Mar School - Jorge Flores, Instructional Aid

CDM is pleased to honor Mr. Jorge Flores as the CDM Employee of the Month. Mr. Flores is an instructional aide in the CDM Special Day Classroom. He works with all students in a compassionate and connected manner in an effort to ensure students in his program thrive. Mr. Flores is committed to creating inclusion experiences for all students on the playground and in the classroom. Students across campus seek him out to sit with him at lunch or play with him at recess. We are so fortunate to have Mr. Flores as part of our team. Congratulations!

Del Mar Heights School - Sarah Graham, Resource Teacher

Del Mar Heights is excited to announce that Sarah Graham is our May Employee of the Month! Sarah is an instrumental staff member here on campus as one of our Resource Teachers. Her steady, consistent and nurturing attitude towards all her students creates a supportive classroom environment that supports all her students daily both educationally and emotionally. Her willingness to be flexible and roll with the punches is one of her great qualities. She is dedicated to do whatever it takes to get the job done and her attention to detail is noticed and so appreciated. Sarah is well loved and respected by all staff and those who know her here on campus and we want to say a huge congratulations Sarah!

Del Mar Hills Academy - Jose Luis Casas, Night Custodian

Congratulations to Jose Luis Casas, Del Mar Hills Academy’s May Employee of the Month!  Jose is our site’s night custodian, and he is hard-working and responsive to everyone's needs.  On any given day he is confronted with completing a variety of tasks and does so in such an easygoing, systematic manner.  It is clear that Jose is committed to his work and takes a lot of pride in the look of our school campus. Jose is a team player who is always willing to go above and beyond to help anyone in need.  Jose’s “can-do,” “happy-go-lucky” attitude, and positive energy permeates throughout the Hills’ campus every single afternoon/evening. Jose is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our students, staff and families enjoy the time they spend on our campus.  Congratulations Jose, for making sure all of our SurfRiders have safe and clean environments in which to learn while working toward getting ready for college. 

Ocean Air School - Diana Delzio, Noon Duty Supervisor

Diana Delzio is a valued member of Ocean Air’s Noon Duty Supervisor Team. She is a true team member who always strives to create a safe school environment.  Diana reinforces school policies where students feel safe, supported and respected.  Congratulations Diana!

Sage Canyon School - Kelly Arthur, Fifth Grade Teacher

Sage Canyon’s employee for the month of May is Kelly Arthur, 5th grade teacher. Kelly is an outstanding educator in every way. She embraces all students and tirelessly supports their academic and social development. Kelly greets all tasks with enthusiasm and is the first one to ask, how can I help? She is a leader on her team, at our school site, and across the district as a CGI Apprentice. Whether student or staff, you can’t help but smile when you’re around Kelly. She is one of a kind. 

Sycamore Ridge School - Dan Dahl, Fifth Grade Teacher

Dan Dahl strives to innovate his teaching practice to promote learning that is meaningful and engaging for all of his learners. Dan cares deeply about his students and goes above and beyond to build quality relationships with the students in his care and their families. Dan always has a smile on his face and a “can do attitude”, those traits coupled with a willingness to assist in any way needed makes Dan a great colleague and a well-respected member of the Sycamore Ridge staff and community. Congratulations Dan!

Torrey Hills School - Jacob Castro, Instructional Aid

Our Classified Employee of the Month is Jacob Castro.  Mr. Castro is an instructional aide at Torrey Hills School.  He shows up to work each day ready to do whatever it takes to best support students.  He forms good relationships with students and helps them to do their personal best.  His calm demeanor helps students to take on new challenges and move past old ones.  He takes on a supervision duty in the morning, steps in wherever is needed, and collaborates well with his team.  We are lucky to have Mr. Castro as a member of our Torrey Hills’ staff!

Early Childhood Development Center - Kayla Kaiser, Preschool Teacher

ECDC would like to elect Kayla Kaiser as our employee of the month. Kayla is the lead teacher at the Ashley Falls Preschool 2 classroom. She is dedicated, hardworking, and willing to go over and beyond her basic job duties. Kayla is enthusiastic and kind. She has a strong commitment to building partnerships with the families and is a wonderful support system. The ECDC is proud of Kayla’s accomplishments in her classroom.

District Office - Julie Vinje, Administrative Assistant District Office and Student Services

It is an honor to recognize Julie Vinje for the excellence she brings to our district office. She has recently taken on a new position and is now supporting multiple departments. Oftentimes, Julie is the first person people come into contact with in our district.  She provides each person who walks through the door with a welcoming and supportive experience.  She has a wonderful smile and a calm confidence always. Julie brings high quality work and joy to our district office!