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Congratulations, DMUSD Employees of the Month, September 2019!


Del Mar Union School District
Employees of the Month
September 2019

Link to Photos of September 2019 Employees of the Month

Ashley Falls School - Katy Kirby, Education Specialist
Ashley Falls is thrilled to recognize Katy Kirby as our employee of the month! Katy goes above and beyond to ensure that every child, teacher, staff member, and family she supports feels valued. She builds relationships quickly with students and helps them reach their personal best in all areas. Katy works hard to ensure that she is meeting her students’ needs while also making sure they can participate with their peers in as much as possible. She communicates closely with her own staff and the teachers she works alongside with. Katy is a role model for always communicating in a positive, professional manner and being flexible and willing to adjust to what is needed in each situation. Katy is an incredible asset to our school and everyone who works with her knows how lucky they are! We are so fortunate to have Katy at Ashley Falls supporting our students, staff, and families!

Carmel Del Mar School - Caroline Draper, Third Grade Teacher
CDM is thrilled to announce Caroline Draper as our selection for the September Employee of the Month!  Caroline is a compassionate educator who regularly engages in reflective thinking about her practice and has a voracious drive to continue to improve the teaching and learning in her classroom.  Caroline is courageous when it comes to implementing newly acquired skills and/or routines into her program of instruction provided they will positvely impact all students’ learning.  Caroline brings a level of expertise and a joy for teaching that plays a significant role in the academic and social accomplishments of her students.  Her easygoing nature and desire to do whatever she can in the best interest of children are a great fit for our school community.  She is a valued member of the CDM staff and is well respected in the school community.  Congratulations, Caroline! 

Del Mar Heights School – Gail Moran, Technology Teacher
Congratulations to Gail Moran, our Certificated Employee of the Month for September 2019! Gail has dedicated herself to the students of Del Mar Heights for over thirty years as an educator and is an integral part of the daily happenings here on campus. She not only runs the Tech Lab but is a team leader in all aspects. Her dedication to the STEAM Team is unmatched and her commitment to Dolphin Leadership, which works with upper grade students on campus is a huge part of what makes Gail so special. She is also coordinator of all campus Spirit Days and Food Drives. She is so loved by all staff and the community and truly shines in all she does. She is an important part of what makes Del Mar Heights such an amazing school - Congratulations Gail! 

Del Mar Hills Academy - Terra Barton, Second Grade Teacher
At Del Mar Hills Academy, we are proud to honor Mrs. Terra Barton for our September Employee of the Month. Mrs. Barton consistently demonstrates dedication to creating a school experience that is full of learning and joy for her students. Her classroom environment is a place where students feel comfortable to share their thoughts, create, and learn from each other. Mrs. Barton is a caring and nurturing teacher. Her students always feel her support and love for learning. Mrs. Barton collaborates closely with her team in order to create opportunities for her students that include thinking and collaboration. We are filled with gratitude that Mrs. Barton is a member of our Del Mar Hills Team!

Ocean Air School – Ariella Leeder, STEAM+ Teacher
Ocean Air is excited to announce Ariella Leeder as our Certificated Employee of the Month.  Ariella, our STEAM+ Enrichment Specialist, always creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in her classroom.  She provides opportunities for students to be challenged to work together, to think critically, logically, and push themselves within the different areas of study. In addition to her skills as a teacher, Ariella was instrumental this year in supporting staff by taking on additional organizational responsibilities.  Ariella is an essential part of the STEAM+ Specialist team and is well respected by her coworkers.  Our students are fortunate to have such an amazing teacher.  Congratulations, Ariella!

Sage Canyon School – Nancy Blais, Education Specialist
Nancy Blais is Sage Canyon’s Employee of the Month for September.  Nancy contributes to Sage Canyon in so many ways.  Building strong relationships is at the forefront of what Nancy does every day.  She always puts students first and supporting the academic and social development of all Sage Canyon students.  Collaborating with all teachers is also a priority.  Nancy works closely with staff to ensure that students are learning, feeling successful, and that our certificated and classified staff know the best ways support our students.  Nancy approaches each day with positive energy and feelings of gratitude.  Thank you, Nancy, for all you do to make Sage Canyon a great place for children!

Sycamore Ridge School – Meg Money, Fourth Grade Teacher
Overtime, the perspective and symbols of a “gift” changes. You start to find gifts within people, within time for yourself, time that people give you, and the gift of a crossroad that fate gives you, with someone else. Meg Money channels all of them. It is a gift to the profession of education because she envelopes work with passion, dedication, loyalty, and honesty. It’s hard to stay true to those virtues, but she is able to do them with genuine intentions. From her, you gain courage to try new things, modernize traditions, and let go of the small things and think bigger. Students always feel her warmth, and that warmth also gives them the courage to be pushed; students enter feeling comfortable to let down their guards as Meg helps build them up, academically and emotionally. She’s the aunt, sister, cousin and BFF that students and colleagues want for themselves. She humanizes the learning journey we take at a place called Sycamore Ridge. Congratulations Ms. Money!

Torrey Hills School – Angela Rose, Fourth Grade Teacher
Congratulations, Angela Rose, for being Torrey Hills School’s employee of the month!  Angela Rose teaches 4th grade at TH. Ms. Rose connects with the students in her classroom and supports them with their social, emotional, and academic growth.  Her calm demeanor helps to create a classroom atmosphere where all students feel included.  She is collaborative and willing to take on new ways of thinking about teaching and learning.  We are so proud to have her on our TH team!

Early Childhood Education – Tara Fields, Lead Infant Preschool Teacher
I’d like to elect Tara Fields for our September employee of the month. Tara has been placed in the Infant room at Ashely Falls ECDC. Although many of the staff would prefer to be in the older preschool classrooms, Tara continue to work in collaboration with her team and families. She has already made wonderful, loving relationships with the infant and their families. Tara is positive, loving, and friendly. She has been an incredible team player and I am so blessed to have her with the ECDC program. She enjoys cuddling the infants and always has a smile, even when the day gets difficult. Congratulations Tara, we love you!

District Office – Jennifer Thomas, Substitute Consortium Coordinator
Congratulations to Jennifer Thomas, the District Office Employee of the Month.  It’s an honor to recognize Jenny for all the work she does for our District. Jenny makes personal connects with each of our substitute employees and ensures that they are highly trained and qualified.  She has improved our substitute fill rate to over 98%, ensuring classrooms are staffed when teachers are out.  In addition to her regular duties, Jenny is always willing to help, whether it’s covering the reception area, providing customer service trainings to staff, or helping with special events, like the WOW Families Festival. Jenny always gives her time, joy and energy to the work that she does, and it shows! Thank you for all you do!