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Congratulations, DMUSD Employees of the Month, November/December 2019!

Del Mar Union School District
Employees of the Month
November/December 2019

Photos of November/December 2019 Employees of the Month

Ashley Falls School - Mariebelle Oliva, Fourth Grade Teacher
Ashley Falls is thrilled to recognize Mariebelle Oliva as our employee of the month! Mrs. Oliva is a dedicated teacher who is always willing to learn and grow her craft as an educator. Her and her team are constantly looking at how to provide meaningful learning for their students in all academic areas and adapt lessons from year to year. She takes her own new learning and immediately implements it into the classroom for her students. Mrs. Oliva creates a learning environment where students feel safe to take risks and learn from one another but also helps students rise to their potential through her high expectations for them. Mariebelle is always willing to help out anyone in need and supports all students at Ashley Falls. We are very lucky to have her as a teacher at Ashley Falls!

Carmel Del Mar School - Adrienne Viehmann, Second Grade Teacher
Carmel Del Mar is thrilled to announce Adrienne Viehmann as our selection for the November-December Employee of the Month!
Adrienne is a 2nd grade teacher whose classroom supports students’ learning through the use of familiar routines and structures intentionally designed to set her Dragons up for success.Adrienne establishes high expectations for learning and achievement for herself and her students.  Her classroom is often abuzz while students are thinking, exploring, learning and enjoying the time they spend with one another.  Adrienne collaborates with her teammates to plan and implement rigorous, meaningful learning experiences to engage students as active participants in their education.  She is willing to apply newly acquired skills because she knows they will positively impact the success of her students.  Adrienne is a valued member of the CDM staff, and we are grateful for her dedication to developing her second graders’ love of school. Congratulations, Adrienne! 

Del Mar Heights School - Cristin Strain, Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher
Del Mar Heights is pleased to announce our certificated Employee of the Month is Cristin Strain! Cristin is our grade 4/5 combo teacher this year and is always willing to jump into any situation with a smile. She is always available to be of assistance whenever and wherever she is asked. She goes above and beyond for her students and her classroom is a place of learning where students are comfortable to excitedly jump into each lesson she teaches. She is also an invaluable part to each of her grade level teams. Her positive attitude and smile are part of what makes Del Mar Heights the special place it is. Congratulations Cristin!

Del Mar Hills Academy - Jacqueline Scholz, Fifth Grade Teacher
The Del Mar Hills staff is proud to honor Jacqueline Scholz as our November/December Employee of the Month. Mrs. Scholz is a compassionate and caring teacher. She builds strong connections with her students and provides a classroom environment that makes our SurfRiders feel safe and supported. Mrs. Scholz provides opportunities for her students to problem solve and think critically in all subject areas. She is continually focusing on the needs of each student to help them achieve academic success. She is a dedicated teacher who is always willing to lend a helping hand in order to support any student and staff member. She is a bright light on our Del Mar Hills campus. Congratulations Mrs. Scholz!

Ocean Air School - Brianna Jauregui, Education Specialist
Ocean Air is pleased to recognize Brianna Jauregui as our Employee of the Month.  Brianna has been instrumental in establishing the Alternate Learning Curriculum (ALC) program at Ocean Air.  Brianna has an unwavering commitment to students and their families and works tirelessly with her staff to ensure students make progress on their individual goals and generalize these skills into other learning environments.  Congratulations Brianna! 

Sage Canyon School - Shannon Joannou, STEAM + Art Specialist
Sage Canyon’s Employee of the Month for November and December is Shannon Joannou, our STEAM+ art teacher.  Shannon is passionate about art and creative in her approach to teaching art.  She is enthusiastic about moving to a studio format and has spent time thinking, reading, and collaborating with colleagues about moving in this direction.  In the classroom, Shannon is clear about learning objectives and promotes student agency.  Shannon provides opportunities for students to communicate about their art projects using the language of the discipline.  Additionally, students are excited to have the art studio open at lunch time for lunch clubs as they area able continue their artistic endeavors.  We are grateful to have such expertise in this field!

Sycamore Ridge School - Donna Chung, Fourth Grade Teacher
Congratulations to Donna Chung, November’s Sycamore Ridge Employee of the Month. Mrs. Chung: A consummate teacher; extremely skilled and accomplished. A master of the craft. The students and staff at Sycamore Ridge are blessed with an exceptional teacher and colleague. Mrs. Chung’s dedication and passion envelops her students and colleagues alike; holding both close to her heart.  She is a student of the profession, well-read and educated. Donna understands how students learn and pushes their thinking.  Mrs. Chung is skillful at tailoring instruction to meet each learner’s needs, understanding the pace and capacity of the student. Donna makes those around her better, holding herself and those she works in tandem with to the highest standard. We are thankful and fortunate to have Mrs. Donna Chung at Sycamore Ridge School!

Torrey Hills School - Marisa Meneses, Fifth Grade Teacher
Congratulations to Marisa Meneses, our November Employee of the Month!  Mrs. Meneses teaches 3rd grade at Torrey Hills.  Each time you step into Mrs. Meneses’s classroom, you will find students engaged in their learning.  Mrs. Meneses values student thinking and asks all students to share their ideas in her classroom through the use of thinking routines.  In addition, she knows her students’ interests, where they are at academically, and connects with them in order to support a positive learning environment.  For example, each morning, students get to choose a way to greet her at the door- wave, high five, fist bump, hug- and the smiles on the students’ faces as they enter shows how much they value connecting with their teacher right at the beginning of the day!  We are so thrilled to have Mrs. Meneses as part of our Torrey Hills team! 

Early Childhood Education - Karlyn Stone, Office Assistant
The ECDC would like to elect Karlyn Stone for the employee of the month. Karlyn has been a wonderful asset to the ECDC program. She is positive and charismatic. She offers a wonderful set of expertise and knowledge. Karlyn has exceeded my expectations and always works hard to accomplish the ambitions of the whole ECDC. She is supportive and kind. I am so proud to have Karlyn as part of the ECDC program. I don’t know what I would do without her!

District Office - Marco Guajardo, Human Resources Benefits Specialist
It is with honor that we recognize Marco Guajardo / Human Resources Benefits Specialist as the District Office Employee of the Month!  Marco sets a wonderful example of fantastic customer service.  He takes the time to make every interaction with our staff personal and ensures that our employees needs are met.  He is always searching out ways to improve the employee benefit experience.  He continues to grow in our industry and strives to learn more about school business, human resources and the interworking of our school sites.  Marco has the best of attitudes and is incredibly bright. Congratulations, Marco! We are lucky to have you!