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Congratulations, DMUSD Employees of the Month, January 2020!

DMUSD Employees of the Month
January 2020

 Photos of DMUSD Employees of the Month, January 2020

Ashley Falls School - Grace Goossen, Fifth Grade Teacher
Ashley Falls is thrilled to recognize Grace Goossen as our employee of the month! Grace is an extremely dedicated teacher who gives her personal best every single day to support her students. She embodies what it means to be a learner. Grace takes initiative in her own learning, seeks out information when needed, learns from others, and is always willing to try something that will stretch her and her students’ abilities.  Grace not only loves learning, coaching, and feedback but she also helps her students love these as well.  Grace creates a positive classroom environment where students strive to be their personal best each day, just like their teacher! She is always willing to go above and beyond for any student, colleague, or parent. Grace’s positive attitude is contagious, and she adds joy to her classroom and our school campus! We are so lucky to have Grace at Ashley Falls

Carmel Del Mar School - Roz Gibson, School Psychologist
Congratulations Roz Gibson, Carmel Del Mar’s January Employee of the Month!  Roz, School Psychologist, is committed to meeting the specialized needs of all students she serves in an effort to ensure they have an extraordinary school experience.  Roz is an invaluable member of our school’s Special Education Team.  She easily develops rapport with students as they work together toward achieving their goals.  Roz cares deeply about the mental well-being of the students she serves and is willing to do anything necessary to ensure she meets their needs.  Roz provides information to parents with great sensitivity and always makes herself available to respond to their concerns. Roz shares her expertise with our students, staff and families on two sites and is a dedicated member of each – CDM and the Preschool program at Torrey Hills.  We feel very fortunate to work beside Roz Gibson in educating our Dragons!

Del Mar Heights School - Rachel Johnson, Speech Language Pathologist
The first Employee of the month for 2020 is one of our amazing SLPs at the Heights - Ms. Rachel Johnson! Rachel has been a constant source of guidance and instruction for students at Del Mar Heights for the past 20 years. She helps to serve all students and support teachers with different strategies within the classrooms.  She also gives of her time to serve on numerous committees both at the campus and district level.  Her dedication and hard work have been truly noticed by all who work alongside her. She is part of the team that makes Del Mar Heights a truly special place for staff and students alike. Congratulations Rachel & thank you for your dedication in all you do!

Del Mar Hills Academy - Michael Massa, Sixth Grade Teacher
At Del Mar Hills Academy, we are proud to honor Mr. Michael Massa, sixth grade teacher, as our January Employee of the Month. Mr. Massa creates an energetic, supportive and warm environment for his students. Throughout the learning process, his students know their thoughts and opinions are valued. Mr. Massa is attentive to the needs of all of his students. He is often found conferencing and providing feedback to his students. Mr. Massa is extremely dedicated and always willing to support all students on our campus. We are so fortunate to have Mr. Massa on our Del Mar Hills team! Congratulations Mr. Massa!

Ocean Air School - Stephanie Roccon, STEAM+ Science Teacher
Ocean Air is pleased to recognize Mrs. Stephanie Roccon as our Employee of the Month.  From the moment Stephanie joined Ocean Air as our new STEAM+ Science Specialist, Stephanie has enabled our students to be scientists who wonder, observe closely, form hypotheses, design solutions and work collaboratively. In additional to making learning relevant and meaningful in the science lab, Stephanie has been instrumental in supporting Ocean Air’s Science Olympiad program.  Congratulations Stephanie! 

Sage Canyon School - Jessica Jackson, Third Grade Teacher
Sage Canyon is pleased to recognize Jessica Jackson as January’s Employee of the Month.  Jessica has dedicated herself to creating meaningful learning experiences focused on critical thinking.  She is committed to collaborating with her colleagues to acquire new ideas as well as share her own learning with others.  Ms. Jackson’s students are enthusiastic about their new math strategies, goals they are setting for the new year, and friendships they are forming with one another.  She builds connections with her students, so they know they are cared for.  Ms. Jackson’s enthusiasm for her students, for learning, and for collaborating are contagious!

Sycamore Ridge School - Ashli Hansen, Fifth Grade Teacher
Ashli Hansen knocks it out of the park with her teaching and mentoring on a daily basis. Whether it be fine-tuning a thinking routine with her students, curating a stimulating and appealing environment driven by thinking and learning, effortlessly scaffolding a rich number talk, or helping a colleague solve a problem (the list could go on, by the way) …Ashli does it all, and she makes it look effortless. Ashli is thoughtful, insightful, child centered, and darn funny to boot. We are so very lucky to have her as a colleague!

Torrey Hill School - Julie Karcsay, Fourth Grade Teacher
Julie Karcsay, a fourth-grade teacher at Torrey Hills, is our January Employee of the month. Mrs. Karcsay creates a classroom environment that is warm and inviting and also allows for student choice and agency.  Mrs. Karcsay supports students to meet their individual goals through a writing workshop model in the classroom, where she is consistently providing feedback and support to her students to help them grow as writers.  She also communicates frequently with families and ensures that her students have multiple opportunities to collaborate with each other in the classroom and connect with her throughout the school day as well.  Thank you, Mrs. Karcsay, for all that you do to guide the learning for our fourth grade Hawks!

Special Education Preschool - Jeanine McCullough, Special Education Preschool Aide
I would like to recommend Jeanine McCullough (SpEd Preschool Aide II) as our Special Education Preschool EOM. Jeanine’s competence and passion for our young learners is evident in everything she does.  She anticipates the needs of her students and engages them at their level while challenging them to progress toward independence.  Jeanine is a natural with making learning fun and can make even activities of daily living feel exciting.  Jeanine is an integral part of our SpEd Preschool Program and we are fortunate to have her.

District Office - Audrey Shepard, Student Services Program Assistant
The Student Services Department is proud to recognize Audrey Shepard as our District Office Employee of the Month. Audrey is truly a super star! In fact, we suspect she may actually have superpowers! She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of Student Services and never hesitates to assist her team members. She is efficient, organized and dependable. Whether she is speaking with a family on the phone, assisting a teacher with documents, or supporting an administrator, she always approaches her role with a smile and the utmost professionalism. We are so fortunate to have Audrey on our Student Services team!