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DMUSD Message about Remote Learning

Message to DMUSD Families about Remote Learning
Dear DMUSD Families,

I hope this finds our families healthy and adjusting to this unimaginable circumstance.  In a world where so much occurs online, few of  us ever imagined that our child's elementary school experience would change so drastically and so quickly.  We appreciate your patience as our district shifts to a remote learning environment.  Our teachers and staff have been working diligently to design learning which will help to enrich and support students at home.
The decision to close schools was made rapidly and in conjunction with local and state health officials.  During our first week of closure our team worked to provide a list of activities which can be facilitated at home with some independence.  Phase one of home learning was intended to keep students' minds active with engaging activities that can be used anytime.  It will continue to be a valuable supplement to learning moving forward.  Most of the suggested activities are intentionally designed to be offline.  While remote learning will require screen time, it is important that time be monitored and combined with activities which take students offline and away from a device.  We encourage you to include these activities as part of students' weekly learning as appropriate.
Phase two of student learning includes remote lessons prepared by our teachers.  This is our initial step into remote learning and our teachers are working so hard to do their very best in the new circumstance.  Platforms such as PowerSchool, SeeSaw, and Google Classroom are being used to provide lesson opportunities which will promote student learning while schools are closed.  With each week, we will evaluate the components of our online platforms and continue to build options for teachers and students to connect and continue learning.  Remote learning is not school as we typically think of it.  Remote learning provides lessons which are self-paced and allow for greater flexibility according to each family's circumstance and schedule. Teachers will not be delivering lessons from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in a live broadcast, but will provide for learning in core content areas through the remote platforms.  The amount of time each student spends on the learning activities will vary.
We understand that parents are eager to support their child in this new learning format.  We will continue to look for opportunities to support parents as they support their child's remote learning experience.  Teachers are the most important component to this new environment and we are exploring ways in which teachers can connect virtually with students and parents.  As we move forward expect to learn about how students and parents will be able to connect.
The remote platforms will continue to evolve over time and be in place for as long as is necessary.  Planning and preparing to deliver lessons remotely is new to many of our staff, students, and parents.  We will continue to develop a robust learning experience that enriches and engages students while schools are closed.  Again, we appreciate your patience, understanding, and support.  Please continue to reach out to your child's teacher and your principal with any questions you may have and thank you for your support as we learn how to best operate within this new learning environment.
Warm regards,
Shelley Petersen
Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services