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School Closure Plan Update, 4/1/2020

Dear DMUSD Families,

We miss our students and families very much, and we hope this finds you well.

I want to follow up with you following a press conference today held by California Governor Gavin Newsom, during which he shared an update on the COVID-19 public health crisis in our state. He discussed the importance of upholding our civic duty to ensure social distancing and remaining at home as much as possible in order to help our state flatten the curve of positive cases that are expected to rise substantially in the coming weeks. Though he did not issue an Executive Order, the Governor reiterated that he felt California schools should remain physically closed and that schools should be prepared to continue instruction via distance learning through the end of the school year. While this is disheartening to imagine, we are confident that we will stay connected with each other, and stay focused on our collective well-being and the education of our students in the weeks ahead in order to bring the school year to a positive close in June. 

At this time, we will continue to focus on remote instruction while keeping in mind that should conditions change and should our local public health department deem it safe to reopen school campuses prior to the end of the school year, we will be prepared to do so. I am very proud of our wonderful teachers and staff who are working hard to support students as we navigate a path forward with distance learning. We have the very finest employees who are looking out for each child. We know the importance of relationships between and among our students and teachers, and our teachers and team have been generating ways to facilitate interactions and nurture those ongoing relationships as distance learning continues.

As a reminder, specific learning from teachers will not be provided during our regularly-scheduled spring break period from April 6-10.  Our District will be providing families with a refreshed list of at-home learning activities for you to access during that week. Distance learning with classroom teachers will resume following spring break on Monday, April 13.

You will likely have many questions about how this remote educational model will impact your child’s entire school experience during the last months of the school year.  We will be sure to reach back out to you with answers in the coming days and throughout the duration.

I know I speak for our entire district team in extending heartfelt thanks to all of our incredible parents and caregivers for the home support that makes distance learning possible. Please reach out to one of us if you have questions or need help navigating through any part of this.  District contact information can be found at this link and also on the front page of our District Website.

We are all in this together, and we will get through this!

Take care,
Holly McClurg