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Message from the Superintendent, May 4, 2020

May 4, 2020

Dear DMUSD Families,

Throughout school closure, our district has taken significant measures to minimize the impact of school closure on each student’s life.  That has meant implementing distance learning to provide continuous exposure to academic content.  It has also meant providing children with opportunities to connect with teachers and classmates for reasons beyond content knowledge –  for their social and emotional well-being.  The latter of these is a priority to us.  When I think of school, one of the irreplaceable components of a first-rate education is the dynamic interaction among learners and educators that can never be replaced by a computer or a distance learning model.  A talented teacher is a master at designing what each child needs and responding in the moment with the next challenge or nugget or piece of feedback.  Anyone who thinks that can be replicated or replaced with some other means has not seen firsthand the impact of the teacher and student relationship.  And it is so important to learn how to interact in a world beyond our immediate surroundings.  Getting along with others and contributing to society in positive ways are at the core of human compassion and responsible citizenship.

As parents, we are doing our best to juggle countless balls while homeschooling, but children need school.  I’ve spent my life’s work studying the school experience and researching how to best educate kids. As for education, much will be learned from this pandemic.  Perhaps most significant - we know the value of a teacher is immeasurable.  And with everything teachers are doing and learning during this pandemic, teachers will be even more skilled at accessing even more tools than ever before to personalize and enrich the experience.   Our next chapter of education should be a great one! 

The Del Mar Union School District has organized a committee to diligently prepare for the return to our school campuses. The committee, with guidance from local health and education officials, is developing a strategic reentry plan to ensure the health of our students and staff upon our return to school.

We know you likely have many questions about when and how school will open, how distance learning is impacting your child, how teachers will be prepared to start the new school year, etc. To that end, we are planning to provide you brief weekly live updates to bring you up to speed with accurate information as we receive it, beginning this Wednesday.

Our best to your family!        

Holly McClurg, Ph.D.
Del Mar Union School District