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Message from the Superintendent, June 3, 2020

Dear DMUSD Parents,
With the death of George Floyd and other recent, racially charged incidents and resulting protests in some of our communities and across the country, there is much unrest and pain in our community.  This pain comes on top of stress from the pandemic.
In normal times, our classrooms would be powerful and safe places to discuss race, inequities, and recent events with children.  We want our children to be compassionate people who participate as responsible citizens in a democracy, and we need to to talk with them about the difficult issues that we struggle with as a country.  Race, fairness, and how to create change in a democracy are among those issues.  As we plan for school in the fall, we will engage our community in important dialogue, and we will support our teachers' efforts to have honest and age-appropriate conversations with their students so we deepen their understanding of the long and complicated history of racial injustice, and develop our students' ability to address injustice and improve society for the future.
We share an important role alongside parents in improving students' understanding of the past, and we share the grief and outrage of our fellow citizens.  Our children need our guidance so they learn to navigate the system in a healthy, safe, and productive way.  We look forward to working closely with you in these efforts.
Holly McClurg, Ph.D.