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Congratulations, DMUSD Employees of the Month, November/December 2020!

Del Mar Union School District

Employees of the Month
November/December 2020


Link to Photos of November/December 2020 Employees of the Month


Ashley Falls – Beth Folkerth, Education Specialist

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize Beth Folkerth and her contributions to the Ashely Falls staff and community.  Beth began this year as an Education Specialist split between two schools. Ocean Air and Ashley Falls.  Because of shifting enrollment, she was switched to Ashley Falls full time.  This was not an easy transition to make, especially being completely brand new to the school.  Although it was not easy, Beth has handled it with grace, grit, and an unwavering focus on what is best for students.  She has poured countless hours into developing schedules that work best to support the needs of all students, supported our district's shift to a co-teaching model, and stepped up to the plate countless times to assist in challenging situations.  She is a team player, and we are beyond pleased to have her as a part of our team and look forward to what the rest of this year has in store. 



Carmel Del Mar – Eric Osicki, Second Grade Launch Teacher

Carmel Del Mar is excited to announce that Eric Osicki is our site’s selection for the November/December Employee of the Month!  Eric is a 2nd grade Launch teacher who has turned his teaching world upside-down to figure out how to provide the best possible instruction for each one of his students via a virtual classroom.

Eric is dedicated to remaining online with his students on/off throughout each school day in an effort to provide whole and small group instruction across all areas of the curriculum.  His face-to-face virtual interactions coupled with his easygoing attitude has helped him forge strong relationships with each one of his students.

Eric is incredibly patient with his students, he designs dynamic learning opportunities, he provides specific and immediate verbal feedback to his students, and he makes classroom management seem effortless – and that’s not easy to do online!

We feel fortunate to have Eric Osicki on the CDM and DMUSD Launch team this year.   Congratulations for being selected as our school’s Employee of the Month!


Del Mar Heights – Nicki Waldal, Second Grade Teacher

Del Mar Heights is excited to announce Mrs. Nicki Waldal, 2nd grade teacher, as our November/December Employee of the Month. Mrs. Waldal’s passion for teaching is evident in her daily interactions with her students and colleagues. As we work towards becoming a designated No Place for Hate School, Mrs. Waldal has exuberantly jumped into teaching about diversity. She has greatly expanded her classroom library to include books about different cultures, families, and people. Mrs. Waldal has designed effective lessons that include thinking routines and deep discussions around treating everyone with respect and looking at differences as something to celebrate. She shares her success with others and helps to further this important work. Our school is better because we have Mrs. Waldal on the team.



Del Mar Hills – Jacqueline Scholz, Fifth Grade Teacher

Del Mar Hills Academy is proud to honor Mrs. Jacqueline Scholz as our Employee of the Month! Mrs. Scholz’s positive and caring energy shines throughout our campus. Her warmth and kindness makes every child feel safe and supported. The culture in Mrs. Scholz’s fifth grade class is filled with thinking, inquiry, collaboration, and discovery. Her students love learning from her! Mrs. Scholz goes above and beyond for her students. She supports her students in every way possible. Mrs. Scholz is a team player, and she is so supportive and helpful! We are thankful for you Mrs. Scholz! We are lucky you are a Del Mar Hills teacher! 



Ocean Air – Rebecca Jones, Second Grade Teacher

Ocean Air is excited to recognize Ms. Rebecca Jones as our Certificated Employee of the Month. Rebecca is a creative, compassionate, and caring educator.  She focuses on designing a challenging and engaging classroom environment that allows all of her students to thrive.  Rebecca has an insatiable thirst for new knowledge and loves exploring new and exciting teaching strategies with her colleagues.  She is an integral part of the 2nd grade team and is well respected by her coworkers.  We are fortunate to have her caring for and guiding our students.  Congratulations Rebecca!        



Sage Canyon – Nicole Britton, Sixth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Nicole Britton is Sage Canyon’s employee of the month for November and December.  Nicole is a thoughtful educator that knows and cares about her students.  Her students state they feel trusted and valued which helps them thrive academically.  Nicole has a great ability to scaffold interactions and thinking as well as use thinking routines as a vehicle to teach students how to learn and think.  In Nicole’s classroom, student discussion is promoted so students can clarify and extend their thinking.  Nicole is a collaborative colleague that enjoys engaging with her peers to discuss ways to make our students’ school experience extraordinary.  She is a great asset to Sage Canyon.  Congratulations, Nicole!



Sycamore Ridge – Kristin Bonaguidi, Second Grade Launch Teacher

Sycamore Ridge is delighted to announce Kristin Bonaguidi as our Employee of the Month.  Kristin has fearlessly jumped into Launch this year and approaches each day with a fantastic attitude and cheerful spirit.  Every day, she works tirelessly to meet each of her students’ unique needs and extend their learning beyond the curriculum. She goes out of her way to make learning meaningful, engaging, and FUN! Kristin is also the colleague you always want to have as a teammate – she is supportive, collaborative, and someone you can always have a good laugh with. Our Launch students and staff are so fortunate to have Kristin in 2nd grade this year!  Congratulations, Kristin!



Torrey Hills – Sarah Grosso, First and Second Grade Combo Teacher

Torrey Hills would like to recognize Sarah Grosso as our Employee of the Month! Sarah has stepped up to teach our First and Second Grade Combo class this year and has made it a very smooth transition! Sarah has been proactive in her approach to think how best to organize her day, group students, and create ways to build a classroom community. Sarah has built strong connections with her students and they have built strong connections with each other. She has been a wonderful colleague to both teams and has found ways to contribute to two different grade levels. She even took on being one of our DMCTA reps this year as well. Sarah is willing to help anyone who needs her, especially her students! We are lucky to have Sarah at Torrey Hills!



Early Childhood Education – Gabby Vizcaino, Instructional Assistant

The employee of the month for the ECDC is Gabby Vizcaino. Gabby has displayed exceptional hard work, flexibility, and passion the last several weeks. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help support the ECDC in all ways possible. One thing that all our ECDC staff has noticed about Gabby is her willingness to help. Gabby will step into any situation, with love and an open heart. The last several weeks, Gabby has taking initiative on helping with cleaning and disinfecting, diapering, office support, and always being a wonderful teacher for our youngest learners. Thank you, Gabby! Great job!!!



District Office – Holly Arber, Administrative Assistant, Launch

Congratulations to Holly Arber, December’s District Office Employee of the Month! Holly has been an invaluable member of the Instructional Services team!  After spending many years at Del Mar Hills Academy as the Office Assistant, Holly became the Administrative Assistant at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year and directly supports families and staff in the Launch program.  Holly has been instrumental in the smooth transition to distance learning for more than 1,200 students and more than 80 staff members!  Holly’s innovative spirit, combined with long hours and a positive, can-do approach to many new procedures and practices are some of the reasons Launch is such a great success.  Thank you and congratulations, Holly!