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Congratulations, DMUSD Employees of the Month, April 2021!

Del Mar Union School District

Employees of the Month
April 2021



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Del Mar Union School District

Employees of the Month

April 2021


Ashley Falls School, Matthew Noonan, STEAM+ Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Noonan is our STEAM+ physical education teacher and works tirelessly to ensure that students at every grade level have meaningful learning opportunities during P.E.  This past month our school participated in the DMSEF Jog-A-Thon.  Mr. Noonan went above and beyond to develop an obstacle course that focused not only on movement but also replicated the transportation of oxygen-rich blood through the cardiovascular system.  In addition to the intentional planning that went into developing this opportunity for students, Mr. Noonan poured in countless hours of setup and tear down.  In a traditional year, the jog-a-thon is a one-day event.  This year, coach Noonan had to put the obstacle course together each morning, sometimes starting as early as 6:15 each morning, and then packing all the materials up at the end of each day.  This example is a testament to the ongoing dedication he models each day.  Matt is a team player, always willing to go the extra mile to support students and our community, and always seeks feedback to improve practice to make the most out of time students spend in P.E.  It is a pleasure to have Matt on our Ashely Falls team, and we are proud to honor him this month as our teacher of the month!        



Carmel Del Mar School, Jason Bethurum, First Grade Teacher

CDM is thrilled to announce Jason Bethurum as our selection for the April Employee of the Month!  Jason is an extremely dedicated educator who regularly reflects on his practice with the intent to continuously improve his craft of teaching.

When you walk into Jason’s classroom, it is easy to see the warm, nurturing relationships he has developed with his students.  Jason’s students know how much he cares about them, and as a result he and his students spend most of the time in their classroom community learning and laughing with one another.  This year, Jason is piloting the Amplify curriculum with his students and he works hard to make sure their learning experiences are as meaningful as possible.

Jason is a beloved member of the CDM staff, and an integral member of our school community at large.  He positively impacts the lives of some of our youngest Dragons and he is very deserving of this recognition.  Congratulations, Jason!




Del Mar Heights, Donna Kuriyama, School Psychologist

Del Mar Heights is excited to celebrate Donna Kuriyama, school psychologist, as our April Employee of the Month. Donna is a key member of our staff whose experience and expertise has proven invaluable, especially with the unique challenges of this school year. She is always willing to collaborate with staff members on three different school sites to ensure that all of our students are supported. Donna helps our families understand and feel comfortable with navigating the processes of special education as well as aspects of their children’s social and emotional well-being. She exhibits a calm and professional manner and is well respected by all who have the opportunity to work with her. We are so grateful to have Donna on our team!


Del Mar Hills Academy, Cecily Gilson, STEAM+ Physical Education Teacher

Coach G. is creative and energetic in her approach to teaching physical education. Because of Coach G., our student athletes are excited and motivated to stay fit and include exercise in their daily lives. Her PE lessons are engaging, fun, and meet the needs of all our athletes. Recently, Coach G. planned, organized, and facilitated an amazing Jog-A-Thon for our SurfRiders. The Jog-A-Thon experience included jogging, an obstacle course, and brain challenge relays. We are so grateful for Coach G.! We are so happy to have her as a member of our Del Mar Hills team!  

Congratulations Coach G.!


Ocean Air School, Sandra Duclo, Third Grade Teacher

Congratulations to Ocean Air’s Employee of the month, Sandy!  Sandy is a dedicated and caring 3rd grade teacher who continually makes the extra effort working collaboratively with specialists to meet the academic, social and behavioral needs of each student.   She creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in her classroom each day where every student feels heard, valued and can truly thrive. Sandy eagerly seeks out and applies professional learning to be the best teacher that she can.  Sandy is an incredible teacher and co-worker and we are so fortunate to work with her.  Congratulations Sandy.


Sage Canyon, Nancy Blais, Education Specialist

Sage Canyon is pleased to recognize Nancy Blais as our April Employee of the month.  Nancy is an outstanding educator with an exceptional skillset as well as passion and commitment to the teaching profession.  She gets to know and care for the students and staff she works with and is highly valued by so many in the Sage Canyon community.  When working in the classroom, she carefully monitors students’ understanding and helps to adjust instruction as needed so students feel supported and successful.  Nancy is an expert at using a variety of instructional strategies and resources to meet the diverse learning needs of students.  She collaborates at high levels with staff and families in an effort to promote the academic and social development of students.  It is an honor to have Nancy as part of our team!


Sycamore Ridge School, Christie Vincent, First Grade Teacher

Sycamore Ridge is thrilled to announce Christie Vincent as our Employee of the Month.  Christie continually brings a bright and encouraging attitude to our school, which is so apparent in the way that she interacts with colleagues, students, and families. The intentionality that Christie plans with is a key contributor to her student’s success and the joy that fills her classroom daily. She is always welcoming of new ideas to bring to her lessons and strives to grow professionally as an educator and a learner. Christie develops wonderful relationships within the classroom and her compassion is evident in the great care that she takes for her students. She will go above and beyond to make sure not only her student’s needs are met, but her colleagues as well. There isn’t a morning where Christie doesn’t have a big smile on her face, and a ready-to-start-the-day attitude. The energy she brings to our school is contagious. Her calm, positive nature makes it a pleasure to be near her.   Congratulations, Christie!


Torrey Hill School: Kelly Brady, School Psychologist

Torrey Hills would like to recognize Kelly Brady as our Employee of the Month! We are so fortunate to have Kelly as our School Psychologist supporting all of our preschool and Kindergarten through sixth grade students.  Kelly has done an incredible job learning about how best to support our youngest learners in our preschool as well as sharing information with parents as they begin their understanding of special education and the resources available. Kelly is ALWAYS willing to help anyone in need whether they are on her caseload or a student who just needs a safe place to talk or a teacher looking for extra ideas on how best to support their students. Kelly is professional, a team player, and a wealth of knowledge. Our students, families, and teachers are lucky to have Kelly’s guidance and support and we are so grateful to have her at Torrey Hills.


District Office, Carlos Ramirez, Plant Manager

 Carlos Ramirez has come up through the ranks of the MOF department.  He started as a night custodian, participated on the summer cleaning crew, and served as the plant manager at Del Mar Hills before moving to the District Office and MO&F team.  In his current role, Carlos supports the whole district through the delivery of district mail as well as disbursement of materials and supplies such as technology and furniture.  Carlos keeps the District Office in great shape and works closely with District Office staff to handle anything that comes up at the DO.  Above all, Carlos does all of this with a smile, a wonderful attitude, and something positive to say to everyone that he sees.  Carlos is a special asset to the district, the MOF department, and the schools.  Congratulations Carlos for being the Employee of the Month.  Well deserved.