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Ashley Falls Employees of the Year!

Mrs. Davis is extremely deserving of this honor for many reasons particularly her abilities as a reflective and innovative teacher, her commitment to her students and families, and her support for teachers across our District.  Mrs. Davis has embraced a culture of thinking in her classroom. She is constantly reflecting upon her current practice, looking for ways to ensure learning is meaningful and engaging, and creates an environment where students feel safe and free to take risks in their learning.  We are thrilled for her to represent Ashley Falls School this year!  

Going above and beyond is just what Mr. Sanchez does.  He is always willing to ensure that all of his work is done, even if that means committing extra time. He is able to show up when needed, step in when requested, and look for what needs to be done before being asked.  Mr. Sanchez puts his heart and soul into our school and our school is a fantastic place because of his commitment, professionalism, positive attitude, and skill set.  Congrats to Mr. Sanchez!!