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Del Mar Union School District

Igniting Genius, Empowering Students
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Why a Portrait of a Learner?
A Portrait of a Learner is a collective vision that articulates our community’s aspirations for all of our students. As educational leaders, it is important to understand the hopes, aspirations, and dreams that our community has for our young people.

Who will develop our Portrait of a Learner?
Our district is strengthened when our community is engaged in shaping the future direction of our schools. We are actively engaging the larger community in developing our Portrait of a Learner by welcoming a diverse group of perspectives to join our Portrait Design Team.

How will we develop our Portrait of a Learner?
Throughout the four meetings, the Portrait Design Team will:
  • examine how the world has changed and implications for our students.
  • discuss the competencies students need to thrive today and tomorrow.
  • identify and contextualize the competencies that should be part of a shared, local vision for our district.
  • discuss how to make our Portrait of a Learner a reality for every student.

Why does our district need a Strategic Plan? 
Our Strategic Plan will be a guide to help our schools activate the vision in our Portrait of a Learner in our classrooms to ensure: 
  • our schools engage with and meet the needs of all students 
  • we prepare our students with the skills and habits of mind they need to thrive in a complex and rapidly changing world.
How will our district develop a Strategic Plan? 
Our strategic planning process is designed to be highly collaborative to ensure the entire community—all staff, parents, families, students, business and community leaders—are given opportunities to share their ideas and feedback on our district’s direction.